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View accounts
Get an integrated overview of your banking accounts, including your latest transaction history, account details, and e-statements.

My Banking Account
- See your past month’s transaction history, view e-statements, make balance enquiries

Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawals
- Activate overseas withdrawal, and set time and daily withdrawal limits

- Manage your banking and lifestyle needs using our all-in-one travel planner and enjoy exclusive offers

Currency Exchange
- Buy/sell a range of currencies

Rate enquiries
- View currency exchange rates, T/T exchange rates, and BEA's prime rate

Time Deposits
- Check, place, and uplift time deposits, and give deposit maturity instructions



Transfers and Bill Payments


Transfer funds and pay bills
You can transfer funds directly to any Hong Kong bank accounts, make payments to a wide range of merchants, and receive payments from other accounts.

Fund Transfers (FPS)
- Transfer HKD funds to accounts with BEA or other local banks through FPS or by scanning a QR code

Receiving Funds
- Receive HKD funds from other local bank accounts, including by simply scanning a QR code

- Pay bills with added security by creating a template in advance through Cyberbanking

Cardless ATM Withdrawal
- Authorise specific friends/relatives to withdraw cash from your designated account via ATM

- Make donations to charitable organisations by setting up templates in Cyberbanking

*This option is available only in the Android version of the BEA App.

For the account opened through BEA Flash, customer please visit a BEA branch in person during business hours to enable any of the below types of transaction:

  • Fund transfers to non-registered BEA accounts in Hong Kong
  • High-risk merchant payments



Credit Cards


Convenient credit card access
Manage your credit card accounts and redeem Bonus Points for a wide range of gifts.

Credit Card Application
- Apply and submit the required documents directly through the app

Credit Card Activation
- Activate newly-issued credit cards

i-Spend (instant credit card overview)
- View your current balance, available credit limit, latest statement information, recent transactions and e-Statements, and redeem accumulated Bonus Points for gifts

Check and Redeem your Accumulated Bonus Points
- View our bonus gallery offers and turn your points into rewards





Grow your wealth
Access our wide range of investment services, including tools designed to help you identify local and international investment opportunities which can enable you to achieve your investment goals.

Stock Trading
- Log in to trade Hong Kong-listed securities, with free access to real-time quotes, charts, stock fundamentals, and market news

- Search for funds, check your fund portfolio, and view the latest fund news

FX/Precious Metal Margin Trading
- View an account summary, place FX/Precious metal margin deals/RFQ/orders, manage positions and orders, and get daily-updated FX commentary and product information

Linked Deposits
- View linked deposit rates and offering documents, place orders, and check your transaction status and history

- Use our online gold trading services, including trading and gold-related enquiries

Market Outlook Video
- Get the latest market news updates





Protect yourself and your family
Our online services enable you to view the details of insurance products and enrol in plans straightforwardly whenever you wish.

Insurance Products
- View our full range of insurance plans and services

Instant Quotation and Application
- Get instant quotations, and apply for travel insurance and other insurance products





Consolidated loan services
Check out our loan offers and make enquiries with ease.

Mortgage Loan
- Enquire about mortgage plans and terms, use our cost calculators, and apply for a mortgage

Consumer Loan
- Check out our offers and apply for the loan you need, including a revolving loan, or set up repayment instructions





Plan for the future
Check your MPF account balance, contribution history, withdrawal history, fund switching history, current investments, and fund prices. Make changes to your investments anytime, anywhere.

Account Balance
- Check your MPF account balance

Contribution History
- View your contribution history

Withdrawal History
- View your withdrawal history

Fund Switching History
- View your fund switching history

Current Investment
- View your current investments

Investment Changes
- Switch instructions
- Change your choice of investments

Fund Price
- View fund prices