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Cross-Boundary Mortgage Loan

KV of Cross boundary Mortgage Loan

Key Facts Statement/Schedule of Fees and Charges


Product Features

  • Cover properties located in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Huizhou, Zhaoqing, Beijing and Shanghai
  • Applicable to completion of purchase in the primary market1 (legal mortgage and equitable mortgage) and cash-out refinance2
  • Loan amount in HKD can be up to 60% of the property value (subject to a maximum loan amount of HK$10 millions)
  • Maximum loan tenor of 30 years
  • Preferential mortgage rate
  • Mortgage documents handled by the Bank’s designated Hong Kong and Mainland law firms



  • Hong Kong residents with Hong Kong Identity Card and Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents


Required Documents

  • Cross-Boundary Mortgage Loan Application Form
  • Hong Kong Identity Card and Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents
  • Proof of income (latest 3 months’ salary deposit records, latest Tax Demand Note or employment contract)
  • Proof of address (latest 3 months’ bank statement or water/electricity bill)
  • Property Sales Contract and Down Payment Invoice (first-hand residential properties)
  • Premises Permit (cash-out refinance)
  • Proof of marital status (Marriage certificate / Certificate of absence of marriage record / Letter of marriage record)



  1. For first-hand property of Cross-boundary Mortgage Loan, the applicant must setup a “Global Access Account” of The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited before loan drawdown for fund transfer to the property developer in China. (Please refer to below for details on “Global Access Account” and Bank of East Asia (China) Limited.)
  2. For Cross-boundary Mortgage Loan, all the loan amount cannot be used in the PRC for investment and buying other property purposes (including but not limited to stocks under Shenzhen Stock Connect & Shanghai Stock Connect).
  3. For Cross-boundary Mortgage Loan, all the loan amount must be used to settle the purchase price of the first set of the property purchased by the borrower/mortgagor for self-occupancy in the PRC.
  4. The Mortgage /Borrower’s mortgage property is situated at PRC and the mortgage arrangement is subject to the laws of PRC. Mortgage /Borrower shall comply with all laws and regulations in relation to the mortgage property and responsible for all fees and charges being incurred in relation to the mortgage property and the mortgage arrangement under this application.
  5. The above information is for reference only. All applications are subject to the Bank's final approval and the Facility Letter of mortgage loan. The Bank reserves the sole right to vary or cancel the above information and/or amend the related terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


Disclaimer for "Global Access Account":

  • "Global Access Account" is a Mainland Personal Type I Bank Account Services, which is provided by The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited.
  • The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited ("BEA China"), a wholly-owned subsidiary bank of The Bank of East Asia, Limited (“BEA Hong Kong”), is incorporated in the People’s Republic of China and is not an authorized institution under the Hong Kong Banking Ordinance. BEA China is not subject to the supervision of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and cannot carry on any banking business or business of taking deposits in Hong Kong.
  • BEA China cannot carry on any business or business of taking deposits in Hong Kong. BEA China customer’s eligible deposits in the abovementioned account held with BEA China (including saving deposit, time deposit and callable deposit) will be under the coverage of Mainland Deposit Insurance Regulation, and will not be protected deposit under the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong.
  • BEA Hong Kong is not involved in any decision-making in relation to the account opening application. The application will only be concluded by acceptance of the account opening by BEA China.


About The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited:

  • Headquartered in Shanghai, The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited ("BEA China") was one of the first foreign banks approved by regulators to locally incorporated in Chinese Mainland, with net assets of RMB21.5 billion as at 31st December 2022. Leveraging its deep insights into the Mainland market as well as BEA (HK) Head Office's years of banking expertise in Hong Kong and overseas, BEA China offers a wide range of financial services to customers. For more information, please visit


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