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  BEA Wise (Extracted) (28th July, 2022)

    (The article is available in Tranditional Chinese only.) 



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  • Market Outlook for 3rd quarter of 2022

  • Market Outlook for 2nd quarter of 2022

  • Market Outlook for 1st quarter of 2022


  • Market Outlook for 4th quarter of 2021

  • Market Outlook for 3rd quarter of 2021

  • Market Outlook for 2nd quarter of 2021

  • Market Outlook for 1st half of 2021


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(The article is available in Chinese only.)


Four Tips to Handle Market VolatilityNEW  


How to Make Good Use of Year-end Bonus  


Behavioral Finance I   


Behavioral Finance II   


Behavioral Finance III   

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 Retirement Calculator
Retirement Calculator

This "Retirement Calculator" assists you in calculating the amount you need for retirement, helping you plan for your future



 Retirement Calculator
Risk Tolerance Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Everyone has their own investment comfort zone and the challenge is to strike a balance among the various investments that will satisfy your personal circumstances. To help you find out more about your investment style, we have created this straightforward risk tolerance self-assessment test. By considering your personal circumstances, financial status, attitude towards investment, and certain objective factors which reflect your tolerance to risk, you may discover more about your investment needs.