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Our Vision & ESG Strategy Framework

We have a vision to be regard as the sustainability leader among financial institutions in Greater China and Beyond

Responsible Business

To operate with sound governance and risk management, treat our customers fairly, and manage the social and environmental impacts of our business activities responsibly

 Responsible Operations

To provide a positive and enabling work environment for our staff, manage the direct environmental impacts of our operations, and encourage our suppliers to adopt sustainable practices



 Responsible Citizen

To work with partners in local communities who share our focus on education, social welfare, and the environment, and promote staff volunteerism in the communities we serve



Policies, Statements & Codes

ESG-related policies and statements to guide our growth as a sustainable business

 ESG Reports

Our ESG Reports covers the environmental, social and governance initiatives, performance and impact across the markets we serve.


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The ground-breaking design and upgraded features with the new cutting-edge BEA Mobile
The ground-breaking design and upgraded features with the new cutting-edge BEA Mobile

Download now! Fulfil your financial needs with one app!

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Welcome to the new BEA website! BEA is undergoing our brand refresh. Please click to view our Press Release.


From 24 June 2024, if it is detected that an Android mobile device has app(s) downloaded from unofficial sources and that these app(s) are granted excessive permissions, BEA will restrict access to BEA Mobile from that device. Click here to learn more.
Starting from 28 January 2024, all SMS sent by BEA will use registered sender IDs starting with “#” to assist the public in verifying the identities of SMS senders. Click here for more information. 

The new BEA Mobile is now available. Some customers who are using biometric authentication to log in to BEA App may be affected when logging in to BEA Mobile. Click here for details.
"Don't lend or sell your account for a job". Click here for more information.

 “Hong Kong Investor Identification Regime (HKIDR)". Click here for details.

“Protect Your Personal Digital Keys. Beware of Fraudulent Links". Click here for details.

Important notices related to security & fraud issues, please click here.

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