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Promotional Period



1st July – 31st December, 2021

 Within the promotional period,

 Stock Transfer In Reward up to


 Terms and conditions

    1. This promotional offer runs from 1st July to 31st December 2021 (both days inclusive) (“Promotional Period”)
    2. Clients must successfully transfer HK-listed stocks from a third-party bank/financial institution (excluding East Asia Securities Company Limited) during the Promotional Period, to be eligible for the cash reward (“Eligible Clients”). Deposit of physical scrip is not eligible for this promotion.
    3. The cash reward amount will be determined by a client’s total value of transfer-in stocks with BEA, minus the total value of transfer-out stocks from BEA (“transfer-in stocks net value”) during the Promotional Period, according to the table below:
       Transfer-in stocks net value (HK$) Cash reward amount (HK$) 
       $500,000 - <$1,000,000  $500
       $1,000,000 - <$2,000,000  $1,000
       $2,000,000 or above  $2,000
    4. The transfer-in stocks net value is based on the closing price of the relevant number of shares in the last trading session
    5. Each Eligible Client can enjoy the offer once only during the Promotional Period.
    6. The cash reward will be credited to clients’ All-in-One (“AIO”) settlement account on or before 28th February, 2022. Eligible Client must maintain a valid securities sub-account and settlement account at the time when the reward is credited, otherwise the Offer will be forfeited.
    7. The offer does not apply to clients who are the employees of The Bank of East Asia, Limited (the ‘Bank’) or its subsidiaries both during the Promotional Period and at the time the rewards are credited
    8. The Bank reserves the right to suspend, amend, or terminate the offer and change the Terms and Conditions at its discretion from time to time without prior notice.
    9. The Bank reserves the right of final decision in the event of dispute.
    10. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall apply and prevail.


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Risk Disclosure

Investment involves risks. The prices of securities may move up or down, and may even become valueless. There is an inherent risk that loss may be incurred rather than profit gained as a result of buying and selling securities. Investors should read the relevant Risk Disclosure Statement and relevant documents before making any investment decision. Information contained herein is for reference only.

It does not constitute any offer, solicitation or recommendation for the purchase or sale of any investment products or the provision of investment services.