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With this service, your aspirations, your future and your life can soar higher and reach further.

With your own Senior Relationship Manager, dedicated team of expert consultants and private concierge, you will forge an infinitely prosperous future through finessed financial planning.

This suite of advantages opens up a whole host of new wealth management possibilities and an exclusive gateway to a prosperous future.

SupremeGold Private

Dedicated - Supporting You For A Prosperous Future

Your SupremeGold Private Senior Relationship Manager and expert consulting teams will undertake in-depth analysis to uncover unique insights about your scenario.

Sophisticated - Multi-faceted Wealth Solutions

SupremeGold Private grants you access to a broad spectrum of refined wealth management products and investment options.

Distinguished - Rewarding Lifestyle Experiences

Our clients gain access to a unique series of concierge services and exclusive privileges.

SupremeGold Private Centre

Plan a prosperous future with your dedicated team at the stylish SupremeGold Private Centre.

Member-Get-Member Referral Programme

Or call 24 Hours Privilege Hotline 2211 1188

SupremeGold Private is for clients with assets of HK$5,000,000 or above.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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