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Past Issues

May 2022

The conviction on HSI sectors in the risk aversion

The extreme performance of US stocks is just an allergic reaction

The Fed's revelation to US equity market

US Midterm Election: Deteriorating Sino-US relationship become a potential market risk


April 2022

Surge in commodity market may not benefit traditional investment vehicles

The impact of US midterm election on Chinese and US stock markets

The Russia-Ukraine war favors upstream commodities suppliers

War supports upstream commodities suppliers or "one-stop" enterprise shares

“Weaponisation of the economy” slows global growths


March 2022

Policy inconsistency and lack of consensus are the real market risks

Inspiration on market outlook from the FOMC result

EU stance will dominate risks in commodity markets

The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the global investment markets will be limited


February 2022

The investment strategy of geopolitical warfare

The investment strategy on a cloudy day

The importance of deep cogitation in the market noises

Forecast on energy price in the first quarter of 2022 (II)

Forecast on energy price in the first quarter of 2022 (I)

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