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Wealth Management

The Value of BEA Private Banking

You can count on us as your private banking partner to provide you with significant value and an exceptional level of support.

  • Tailor-made Solutions, Just for You
  • Financial Expertise and Professionalism You Can Rely on
  • Flexible Partnership Based on Your Preferences
  • Seamless Business Support
  • Providing for Your Family and Future Generations
Tailor-made Solutions, Just for You

Drawing on our complete range of financial and banking services, we can provide you with highly customised solutions based on your particular financial needs and goals. Whether you require very specific structured products, investment funds, or insurance, you can count on BEA to serve as a one-stop solution provider who can create a personalised investment plan that precisely meets your financial objectives.

Financial Expertise and Professionalism You Can Rely on

At BEA, our highly skilled and seasoned Private Bankers make the extra effort to fully understand clients' needs. You can expect your Private Banker to listen carefully to everything you have to say, and to work closely with you to identify the best solution for you. We can help you pursue opportunities and minimise risks, while assisting you to preserve, enhance, and distribute your wealth. You'll find your Private Banker always at your service, ready to offer advice when you need it. What's more, you'll also enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your relationship with your Private Banker is one based on solid trust and the strictest confidentiality.

Flexible Partnership Based on Your Preferences

If you prefer to have us actively manage your account, your BEA Private Banker will work together with a group of experienced Investment Managers to identify the investment opportunities locally or globally that are best suited to your personal goals.

You may prefer to select and manage your investments yourself, in which case BEA pro-actively provides you with investment advisory services across a wide range of asset classes. Your Private Banker will provide you with research information, market news and updates, and strategic advice to support you in your investment decisions. You can also take advantage of loans, credit lines, and much more to maximise your investment return.

Seamless Business Support

BEA provides a wide array of corporate finance and integrated business, corporate, and investor services to support just about every business need imaginable. We can assist you in managing the special challenges associated with running a business.

Whether you are a business owner or are intending to set up your own company in Hong Kong or overseas, you can take advantage of a complete range of corporate finance services through your Private Banker and BEA's extensive network, such as customised lines of credit based on your company's operating needs. In addition, integrated business, corporate, and investor services are available, such as corporate secretarial services, financial and tax reporting, corporate restructuring, and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.

Providing for Your Family and Future Generations

We provide estate planning as well as trust and fiduciary services to help you structure and manage your estate based on your particular requirements and changing personal circumstances. Through our international trust services, you can plan your trusts and gifts to heirs and beneficiaries, and be confident that assets are held securely, administered according to your wishes, and passed on to heirs in a discreet, and tax-efficient manner.