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Foreign Exchange and Treasury Products
Foreign Exchange and Treasury Products
We provide competitive foreign exchange rates and a comprehensive range of treasury products to meet your currency exchange and hedging needs.
Currencies Hedging
Hedging Currencies
We provide foreign exchange hedging products, e.g. forwards and non-deliverable forwards, to help you fix your desired exchange rates and minimise your risk exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations.
Interest Rates Hedging
Hedging Interest Rates
We provide interest rate hedging products, e.g. interest rate swaps and other interest rate derivatives, allowing you to mitigate the risk of interest rate volatility with lower loan costs and fixed interest rates.
Treasury Strategies
Treasury Strategies
We provide a wide range of treasury strategies, e.g. combining plain vanilla products and structured products, to offer more alternatives and create tailor-made products that serve clients' individual hedging needs and strategies.
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