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Dedicated 100% Loan Guarantee Scheme – administered by HKMC Insurance Limited


Dedicated 100% Loan Guarantee Scheme is administered by HKMC Insurance Ltd (“HKMCI”), aiming to support licensed travel agents, owners of local tour coach and the eligible registered vehicle owners or ferry owners/operators of cross-boundary passenger transport to facilitate their business resumption alongside the gradual tourism recovery. The scheme also further supports and encourages taxi owners to replace LPG, gasoline or hybrid taxis with electric taxis, promoting the use of electric taxis and developing green transportation, which helps achieve the carbon neutrality target of Hong Kong.

 Main features:

 Specified Sectors    

For Travel Sector  

   For Cross-boundary (CB) Passenger Transport Trade 

 For Battery Electric Taxis

 01 - Licensed Travel Agents 02 - Local Tour Coach Owners1

 03 - CB Coach Owners1

04 - CB Hire Car Owners

05 – CB Ferry Owners / Operators   06 - Taxi Owners
 Product Code  (LTA100) (LTC100) (CBC100) (CHC100) (CBF100) (ETX100) 
 Loan Purpose

The proceeds from the Loan must be used for meeting needs in general working capital for the Borrower's resumption of business.

The procceeds from the Loan must be used for repair and/or maintenance of and/or buying comprehensive insurance for the relevant vehicle(s) or vessel for the Borrower's resumption of (for the Scheme 02) business or (for the Scheme 03, 04 and 05) cross-boundary passenger transport services.    The proceeds from the Loan must be used for the purchase of an e-taxi for replacing a taxi which is not an e-taxi.  
 Maximum Loan Amount

 According to no. of employee2

No. of 

Max. Loan Amount 

 1-10  HK$1M
 11-49  HK$2.5M
 50 or above  HK$5M


 per eligible tour coach  
 per eligible cross-boundary

per eligible cross-boundary
hire car

 per eligible cross-boudary ferry

Purchase price per each eligible e-taxi, capped at HK$350,0003


Note: Please apply this loan at the existing bank for the taxi hire-purchase agreement (if any) 

 Facility Type      Term Loan
 Maximum Loan Tenor      10 Years
 Interest Rate      HKD Prime Rate4 - 2.5% p.a.
 Application Fee      Full waiver
 Programme Period      Now until 28 April 2024 Now until 
3 Septemeber 2028
 Contact Us

3608 1220

Apply Now

 [HKMCI 100% DLGS Application Form (For Travel and CB Passenger Transport Trade)] 

[HKMCI 100% DLGS Application Form (For Battery Electric Taxis)]

[BEA 100% DLGS Application Form] and [Input Guide (only available in Chinese)]

[100% DLGS Document Checklist and Submission Method]


1 If the Borrower holds both A01 and A05 endorsements for the relevant PSLC, the Borrower should submit an Application Form under Product Code CBC100 instead of Product Code LTC100.

2 The number of employee is based on:

(a) For licensed travel agents that have applied for and received subsidy under Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF 2.0), the loan amount will be subject to the cap of the number of staff members as at 31 March 2020 according to the records of AEF 2.0;

(b) For licensed travel agents that have neither applied for nor received any subsidy under AEF 2.0, the loan amount will be subject to the cap of the number of staff members for any two consecutive months on or before the launch date of the Scheme (29 April 2023) but no earlier than 31 March 2020, which shall be supported by the proof of payroll records and MPF payments together with the MPF remittance statements filed to the MPF service provider for the two concerning months.

3 If any New Energy Transport Fund ("NET Fund") subsidy issued by Environment and Ecology Bureau ("EEB") is received after loan drawdown, such NET Fund subsidy shall be used to repay any amount due by the borrower under tha loan.

4 Refers to the HKD Prime Rate quoted by the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited ("HKMC") from time to time.

5 Please refer to the latest announcement by HKMC Insurance Limited ("HKMCI") for the most up-to-date information.