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Account Management

1. How can I activate my credit card in BEA Mall?

You can activate your credit card by following these steps:

  1. Click "Set up BEA Online Services" on the login page.
  2. Enter your card number & expiry date.
  3. Enter the One-time password (“OTP”) you received through SMS.
  4. Set up your Phone PIN & ATM PIN (if necessary)
2. How can I log in to BEA Mall and set up BEA Online Services for the first time?

Follow these steps to log in to BEA Mall and set up BEA Online Services:

  1. Click "Set up BEA Online Services" on the login page.
  2. Enter your account number.
    • For Credit Card / Revolving Loan: 16 digits of your Credit Card / Revolving Loan number.
    • For All-in-one Account: Second set of numbers on your ATM card
    • MPF / ORSO
    The BEA Online (MPF / ORSO): Login number in the welcome letter (e.g. 015XXXXXXXXXXX)
    • Single Current / Statement Savings Account: Second set of numbers on your ATM card
  3. Enter your Phone PIN.
    If you are using All-in-one / MPF/ORSO / Single Current/Statement Savings account, please enter BEA Online PIN (i.e. the PIN you previously set during mobile account opening or the PIN printed on the PIN mailer).
  4. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of BEA Online Services.
  5. Enter your One-Time Password (“OTP”).
  6. Set up your username.
  7. Enter your email address.
  8. Set up a new BEA Online PIN.
  9. Confirm the details you have entered.
  10. After successfully set up BEA Online Services, you can now use the username and BEA Online PIN to log in to BEA Mall.
3. How do I enable biometric authentication?
  You can enable a biometric login in “Profile” > “Settings” > “Biometric authentication”. After you have enabled it, you can log in by clicking the fingerprint/face ID button on the login screen.
4. How can I check and update my personal information?
  You can check and update your personal information in “Profile" > “Settings”.

General Questions

1. What is BEA Mall App?

The BEA Mall App is an all-in-one platform specifically designed for BEA Cardholders. Its many functions allow you to check out our latest offers and to redeem all sorts of gifts with your bonus points — anywhere, anytime!

  • Easily register for designated promotions
  • Redeem your Bonus Points for hot coupons or gifts
  • Convert Bonus Points into Asia Miles
  • View your card account summary and Bonus Points balance
  • Pay with rewards effortlessly by offsetting designated transactions with your Bonus Points

Home page

1. What can I find on the Home page?
  You can check the balance of your Bonus Points, the campaigns you have registered for and the latest hot promotions.
2. What’s in “My Favourites”?
  Your registered campaigns and your favourite products.


1. How can I check my card details?
  You can press any card image to view that card’s details, including your available credit limit, transaction details, statement balance, maximum payment, and payment due date.
2. What is the date for each card’s Bonus Point balance as shown in BEA Mall App?
  The Bonus Point balance shown in the app is recorded as of the last working day.
3. When will transactions be reflected in the BEA Mall App?
  Transactions will be reflected in the BEA Mall App on the next working day.


1. How can I check details of the rewards I’ve claimed?
  Click the clock icon in Rewards to check to your Reward History. Here you can select any past transaction to see the details.
2. What does “reward redemption statusclaim mean?

Pending: The order is received and is being processed. Your Bonus Points will be deducted instantly.
Rejected: Your rewards claim is rejected and your Bonus Points will be returned.
Redeemed: Your reward has been redeemed.

3. What is the "Pay with Rewards" function?
  The “Pay with Rewards” function enables BEA cardholders to use Bonus Points to offset the transactions incurred in the last 30 days. “Pay with Rewards” is only available for Mastercard transactions. You can turn on the function of “Bonus Point auto-use” to enable your Bonus Points to be used automatically to offset your future spending transaction.
4. Can I cancel my “Pay with Rewards” instructions after they've been confirmed?
  No, you cannot. Once submitted, "Pay with Rewards" instructions to offset transactions cannot be cancelled or amended.

Redemption on Travel Rewards

 1. How can I link my BEA Mall with Cathay membership account?
  You can press “Travel Reward”, and enter your Cathay membership account on the page of “Link With Accounts”, then please press “Link with Cathay account” and accept the related terms and conditions to confirm the link up action.
 2. How to unlink with Cathay membership account?
  You can press “Travel Reward”, and press “here” of “Click here to unlink your Cathay membership account” under the remarks area of the page of “Conversion Amount”, and then press “Submit” and accept the terms and conditions to confirm the unlink action.
3. Why do I fail to link with Cathay membership account?
  It may be because the name in your BEA account is different from the registered name of Cathay membership account, please check and ensure that you are using the same name to link up the Cathay membership account, otherwise please call the Cathay Customer Service Hotline at (852)2747 3333 for further assistance.


1. How can I register for a campaign?

Log in to the BEA Mall App with your BEA Online Services. Then visit related campaigns on the Home page and press “Register Now”. After successful registration, that campaign will be added in your favourites list.

2. How can I collect badges?
  You have to be a BEA Online customer with a BEA Credit Card. You can collect badges by reaching spending targets with your card in various catergories.

Assistance & Support

1. Who can I call if I have any problems or enquiries regarding the BEA Mall App?
  Please call our Credit Card Customer Services Hotline on (852) 3608 6628.
2. If I’ve changed my mobile phone number, what should I do?
  Please visit any BEA branch to update your mobile number.
3. If my BEA Online Services is locked, what should I do?
  Please call our BEA Online Hotline on (852) 2211 1321 for assistance (during office hours) or come to visit any BEA branch for assistance to resume the service.
4. I’ve forgotten my Mall/BEA Online Services password. How can I reset it?
  Bank account users: Click here for more details.

Credit Card account users: Please call our Credit Card Customer Services Hotline on (852) 3608 6628 for an instant reset.