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Account Management

1. How can I log in to BEA Mall using my Cyberbanking account?
  When you open the BEA Mall app, click “I have a Cyberbanking account” and you’ll be redirected to a login page. Enter your Cyberbanking username/account number and password to log in.
2. How to register for a BEA Mall account?
  Click “Create BEA Mall account” on the BEA Mall login page, and set up a username and password. Then enter your mobile number for verification and we will send you a one-time password to complete the creation of your account. If you’re a Cyberbanking user, we recommend you log in to the BEA Mall app directly using your Cyberbanking account or link up your Cyberbanking account in order to access all the features of BEA Mall.
3. What should I do when I see a notification saying “Link with BEA Cyberbanking”?
  If you have a Cyberbanking account, you can link it with your BEA Mall account. You can log in directly by clicking “Link Up Now”, and the accounts will be linked automatically.
4. How can I link my Cyberbanking account with my BEA Mall account?
  Click “Profile”, where there will be a message saying “Link with your BEA Cyberbanking account to enjoy a wide range of credit card offers and services”. Please click the message and select “Link now” to proceed.
5. How to enable biometric authentication?
  You can enable biometric login in “Profile” > “Settings” > “Biometric authentication”. After you have enabled it, you can log in by clicking the fingerprint/face ID button on the login screen.
6. How can I check and update my personal information?
  You can check and update your personal information in “Profile" > “Settings”.

General Questions

1. What is BEA Mall?
  BEA Mall is a lifestyle platform with a range of new features that allow you to:
  • Register and track your spending progress for particular rewards
  • Earn Mall Coins by completing tasks and claimredeem exclusive products
  • Redeem your bonus points for various vouchers & Asia Miles
  • View your card account summary and spending patterns
  • Pay with rewards effortlessly by offsetting designated transactions with your bonus points
  • Explore a wide range of hot offers and campaigns around HK, and make dining reservations at the best restaurants
2. What is the difference between Mall Coins and Bonus Points?
  You can earn Mall Coins by completing certain tasks and achievements.
You earn Bonus Points through credit card transactions. Bonus Points are earned separately for each credit card.
3. Can I claim products using both Mall Coins and Bonus Points?
  No, The products can be claimed using can be redeemed with either Mall Coins or Bonus Points. However, you can switch between Bonus Points and/ Mall Coins for each individual product you claimto browse products for redemption.

Home page

1. What can I find on the Home page?
  You can view the balance of your Bonus Points and Mall Coins, campaigns you’ve registered for, favourited products, and explore our Campaigns/Hot Offers.
2. What’s in “My Favourites”?
  Registered campaigns and favourited products. There is a progress bar which allows you to track campaigns and products more easily.
3. How can I view Hot Offers?
  You can view the latest Hot Offers on the Home page. By clicking “View all”, you can check the full list of Hot Offers available to you.
4. How can I view Campaigns?
  You can view the latest campaigns on the Home page. By clicking “View all”, you check the full list of campaigns available to you.


1. What can I see under Card Features?
  You can check your available cards under “Cards”, and browse through your credit cards by swiping left or right.
2. How can I check my card details?
  You can click any card image to view that card’s details, including your available credit limit, transaction details, statement balance, maximum payment, and payment due date.
3. What is the date for each card’s Bonus Point balance as shown in BEA Mall?
  The Bonus Point balance shown in the app is recorded as of the last working day.
4. When will transactions be registered in the BEA Mall app?
  Transactions are registered by the BEA Mall app on the next working day after they are conducted.

Rewards - BEA Mall

1. How can I check details of the rewards I’ve claimed?
  Click the clock icon in Rewards – BEA Mall to go to your Reward History. Here you can select any past transaction to see the details.
2. What does the status for rewards claim mean?
  Pending: The order is received and is being processed. Your bonus points will be deducted instantly.
Rejected: Your rewards claim is rejected and your bonus points will be returned.
Claimed: Your rewards claim is completed.
3. What is the "Pay with Rewards" function?
  The “Pay with Rewards” function enables BEA credit card holders to offset transactions with bonus points. “Pay with Rewards” is only available for Mastercard transactions. You can also choose to “pay with rewards” automatically – after you’ve activated this option, your bonus points will automatically be used to offset any eligible spending.
4. Can I cancel my “Pay with Rewards” instructions after they've been confirmed?
  No. Once submitted, "Pay with Rewards" instructions to offset transactions cannot be cancelled or amended.
5. Do I need to be a credit card holder to use Mall Coins?
  You can start earning Mall Coins as soon as you register for BEA Mall, but you will need to apply for a credit card and become a Cyberbanking user before you can spend your Mall Coins.


1. How can I register for a campaign?
  First, log in with your Cyberbanking account and credit card. You can go to a campaign page and click “Register Now”. Once you’ve registered, that campaign will be included in your favourites list.
2. Why has my campaign progress bar not been updated now that I’ve completed my transaction?
  The progress bar only shows monthly spending campaigns. It will be updated once every working day.

Achievements & Tasks

1. How can I collect badges?
  You will need to be a Cyberbanking customer with a BEA credit card. You can collect badges by reaching spending targets in various categories.
2. What can I earn by completing tasks?
  Completing tasks will enable you to earn Mall Coins, which can be used to claim rewards. Some tasks are recurring, which means that you can earn Mall Coins each time you fulfil that requirement (e.g. claim tasks/birthday tasks). Some tasks are one-off, which means that you can only earn Mall Coins once (e.g. completing your profile).

Assistance & Support

1. Who can I call if I have any problems or enquiries regarding the BEA Mall app?
  You can call our Customer Service Hotline (during office hours) on (852) 2211 1333.
2. If I’ve changed my mobile phone number, what should I do?
  Please visit any BEA branch to update your mobile number.
3. If my account is locked, what should I do?
  If the locked account is a BEA Mall account, you can click “Forgot password?” in the login page to reset your password and unlock your account.
If the locked account is a Cyberbanking account, please visit any BEA branch to resume the service.
4. I’ve forgotten my BEA Mall/Cyberbanking account password. How can I reset it?
  BEA Mall account users:
Please go to the BEA Mall login page and click "Forgot password?" to reset it.
Cyberbanking account users:
Please call our Cyberbanking Hotline on (852) 2211 1321 for assistance (during office hours).