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Hong Kong Dollar Deposits

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Current Account

  • Deposit and encash cheques at all local branches
  • Clearing cheque deposits presented to Clearing House on the same working day
  • Detailed monthly account statements
  • Personalized cheque books

Savings Account

  • Initial deposit only HK$10
  • Interest credited to account half-yearly
  • Deposit and withdraw at all local branches
  • Transaction details recorded on passbook
  • No-book deposits accepted

Fixed Deposit

  • Minimum deposit HK$1,000
  • Fixed interest rate for specific periods
  • Higher return than Savings Account
  • Variety of deposit terms from one week up to 5 years

Call Deposit

  • 24 hours or 7 days call
  • Minimum deposits HK$50,000 and HK$1,000 respectively
  • Interest calculated on daily basis

Large Amount Time Deposit

  • Minimum deposit HK$400,000
  • Variety of deposit terms
  • Higher interest yield
* Interest is calculated by using the actual number of days for the interest period and based on the number of days for a year as follows:
Hong Kong Dollar, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht - 365 days and other currencies - 360 days (applicable to both common years and leap years).
We offer deposit rates that vary among different currencies, deposit amounts and periods. The information shown is for indication only. Our staff will be pleased to provide the most suitable rates for your deposits.
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