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 The Bank of East Asia, Limited (“BEA”) commits to deliver suitable banking services to all our customers, including catering to the needs of our senior customers.

According to Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority, the local prevalence rates of dementia in Hong Kong are estimated to be at 5%-8% among persons aged over 65, and at 20%-30% among those aged over 80. To help those living with Dementia to manage their own money in their everyday life, BEA offers a Basic Hong Kong Dollars Savings Account (“Basic Account”). Account holder of such account will be able to deal with their everyday banking needs such as bill settlement and grocery shopping, and at the same time they can rest assured knowing that their transactions are looked after by a third party which he/she trusts.



This Basic Account is available to customers who:

  • are aged 18 or over;
  • have attorney(s) legally-appointed under an Enduring Power of Attorney (“EPA”) to manage the account holder’s finances; and
  • are able to provide appropriate medical proof or report showing that they are customers living with dementia.


Key features of the Basic Account

  • The Basic Account offers a passbook helping the account holder to manage money in one glance.
  • BEA Online and BEA Mobile enable the account holder to access to banking service round-the-clock (this function is available via separate application and activation).
  • Flexible transactions, withdrawal and deposits through ATM card (such ATM card is available via separate application and activation).
  • No minimum deposit nor minimum balance requirement.


Rights and obligations of the legally-appointed Attorney(s)

  • To ensure an appropriate level of funds is maintained in the Basic Account and is entitled to transfer funds into the Basic Account when needed;
  • To visit a branch to check the account balance and transaction status of the Basic Account; and
  • To manage the other accounts of the account holder (if applicable) in accordance with the terms of the EPA.


How to open a Basic Account?

1. Set up an EPA

The EPA must be signed and set up at a solicitor's firm in Hong Kong while the Donor is still mentally capable. An EPA will remain effective even after the mental capacity of the Donor is lost.

Remark: The attorney(s) is/are required to provide medical proof of the donor. The Bank would also verify the identity of the attorney(s).

2. Register the EPA with the High Court

The appointed Attorney(s) can register the EPA with the High Court with the help of a solicitor.

3. Visit a branch to open the Basic Account

The Donor and their appointed Attorney(s) can visit a branch together to open a Basic Account with the following documents:

  • a registered EPA and
  • the Identity Document of the Donor and the appointed Attorney(s).


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