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Open API

Open API

 BEA’s Open API

Four functions of Open API

1. Access to product and service information

Our comprehensive products and services information can now be accessed through the Mobile App and website of our third-party service providers (TSPs). TSPs are required to complete the registration and approval process before they can publish our products and services information on their platforms.

Product and service information available in our Open API
DepositsCredit Cards and LoansInsuranceOther Banking Services
Savings Account Credit Card Travel Insurance Safe Deposit Box
Current Account Mortgage Loan   Branch and ATM Network
Time Deposit Account Unsecured Loan
  • Instalment Loan ("Super-Fast" Instalment Loan)
  • Instalment Loan ("Super-Fast" Debt Clearance Plan)
  • Revolving Loan
  • Business Ready Cash
  • Overdraft Facility
  • Tax Season Loan
  Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
Foreign Currency Deposits Secured Loan
  • Secured Overdraft Facility

2. Apply for products and services

Under Open API framework, you can apply for our products and services through our partners’ platforms directly.

Our partner(s) & services

mReferral Corporate (HK) Limited  
Phone (852) 3196 6600
Fax (852) 3196 6678
Address 17/F, Overseas Trust Bank Building, 160 Gloucester Rd, Wanchai, HK
Available in Website
Services Loans (processes applications for consumer loans including tax season loans and mortgages)


3. Retrieve account information

With Open API service, you could access your BEA account information through TSPs Mobile App/ website as per your consent granted to the TSP in advance. Customers can grant consent to TSPs to access account information under Open API, which includes:

  • Account availability
  • Account status
  • Account balance
  • Transaction details

You can manage your granted consent through BEA App, Cyberbanking, BEA Corporate Online (for Corporate and SME customers) or through TSPs Mobile App/ website.

Product and service information available
Personal BankingCorporate Banking
Cyberbanking accounts with registered mobile phone no. for SMS
(Personal & Joint Account):
Deposit accounts(Personal & Joint Account):Deposit accounts (Corporate Account):
  1. All-in-one Accounts
    1. SupremeGold
    2. SupremeGold Private
    3. Supreme
    4. i-Account
  2. Cyberbanking Account
  3. Dual Currency ATM card Cyberbanking Account
  1. All-in-one Statement Saving Accounts
  2. All-in-one Current Accounts
  3. Multi-currency Statement Saving Accounts
  4. Current Accounts (HKD/USD/CNY)
  5. Savings Accounts
  1. CorporatePlus - Statement Savings Account
  2. CorporatePlus - HKD Current Account
  3. CorporatePlus - USD Current Account
  4. Savings Account (single currency)
  5. Multi-CCY Statement Savings Account
  6. HKD Current Account
  7. USD Current Account
  8. CNY Current Account

To learn more about this function, please click here to view the FAQs

4. Pay FPS merchants (app-to-app/web-to-app)

FPS merchant payments (app-to-app & web-to-app) enable you to make FPS payments from your BEA account through a merchant’s app or mobile website. When using a merchant app/mobile website which supports FPS Merchant Payment (app-to-app/web-to-app), you can simply follow the in-app/on-site instructions, choose “FPS” as your payment method, and select the BEA App when prompted. The BEA App will then open, allowing you to log in to your Cyberbanking account, verify the transaction details, and confirm the payment.

To learn more about this function, please click here to view the FAQs

Introductory video

What should I pay attention to when using the Bank’s services via websites/applications of third-party service providers?

Please watch the following introductory video provided by the HKMA for details. (Chinese version only)

More BEA products and services will be available soon!

If your company is interested in our Open API services, please create a TSP account through the JETCO APIX website ( Upon approval, you can subscribe to our comprehensive Open API services.

To learn more about Open API business opportunities or BEA services, please send us an enquiry form (select “OpenAPI” under Products/Services).