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January & February Only!
Limited-Time New Year Reward

HK$88 cash reward for New customer / Upgraded customer who successfully open/upgrade to BEA GOAL during 1st January to 29th February 2024 and complete any one of the designated task below

  • log in to the BEA Mobile or BEA Online
  • complete a transfer through “Transfers” function in the BEA Mobile or BEA Online

Welcome Reward2

Initial Funds

New customer Upgraded customer




≥HK$1,000 - <HK$20,000


Plus, additional HK$100 reward for New customer / Upgraded customer who meet designated Investment Product Balance of HK$1,000 or above

Preferential Interest Rate3

4.25% p.a. HKD Time Deposit Interest Rate for 3 months 
(Designated Deposit Amount: HK$1,000 - HK$10,000,000)

Mobile Banking Reward
  • HK$100 cash reward for 1st time log in to the mobile banking
  • HK$50 cash reward for completing one transfer through "Transfers" function4. For details, please click here
Investment Reward
  • Up to HK$400 cash reward for opening an Investment Account and completing Designated Investment Product Transactions successfully5. For details, please click here
  • Stocks Monthly Investment Plan custody fee and handling fee waiver6. For details, please click here
  • Executed 5 securities transactions via eligible digital channels to enter the Give U Gift U Lucky Draw for a chance to win a trendy mobile phone / laptop. For details, please click here
BEA GOAL Credit Card Rewards
  • New Credit Card customers who have successfully applied BEA GOAL Credit Card can get a HK$600 Klook e-gift card or a HK$500 rebate7
  • Earn up to a 18.4% rebate on everyday spending with the BEA GOAL Credit Card
On everyday spending with the BEA GOAL Credit Card:
Basic Rebate (Eligible retail spending) 0.4%
Designated Spending Categories Up to 6%
“BEA Days - Mobile Payment” 12%
Travel Protection Insurance 

Apply Travel Protection Insurance plan through BEA Mobile, BEA Online or BEA Insurance Services website to enjoy a 25% premium discount, plus a HK$50 Supermarket e-Voucher9

For the product details, please click here


Auto-payroll Reward 

Up to HK$300 cash reward10. For details, please click here

Member-Get-Member Referral Programme11

Basic Reward

HK$100 reward for each referee to open BEA GOAL

Extra Reward

Extra HK$200 reward for referrer after referee deposits and maintains HK$100,000 Initial Funds after the BEA GOAL account is opened

New Year Referral Reward12

Extra HK$88 reward for 2 or above successful referrals


New customers can open account via BEA Mobile <Demo>

BEA Mobile


BEA i-Account customers can apply to become a BEA GOAL customer via BEA Mobile or BEA Online

BEA Mobile
BEA Online

* Starting from December 2023, the brand-new BEA Mobile will replace the BEA Flash, and will be available to download in phases. If you are unable to use the latest version of BEA Mobile, please download and use BEA Flash for account opening. For details on using BEA Flash, please click here.

  1. The Limited-Time New Year Reward runs until 29th February, 2024. Offers are subject to terms and conditions.
  2. The reward will be awarded in BEA Credit Card Free Spending Credit, unless otherwise specified. New Customer refers to customers who have not held any deposit accounts with The Bank of East Asia, Limited (“BEA”), either individually or jointly, in the 12 months prior to the date on which the new BEA GOAL account is opened. “Designated Investment Products” refers to securities, investment funds, bonds and linked deposits (excluding currency-linked deposits). Offers are subject to terms and conditions.
  3. The time deposit preferential interest rates stated in this promotional material for reference only and are not guaranteed. BEA reserves the right to make any adjustment to the time deposit preferential interest rates from time to time at its sole discretion. First time time deposit offer for BEA GOAL customers are subject to terms and conditions.
  4. Eligible amount for the transaction is HK$10,000 or below.   
  5. Designated Investment Product Transactions include local securities transactions, lump-sum subscriptions for funds and linked deposit transactions.
  6. This offer applies to relevant transactions of the Stocks Monthly Investment Plan through securities sub-accounts.
  7. The BEA GOAL Credit Card Welcome Reward is only available to customers who have not held a principal BEA Credit Card (excluding the BEA Corporate Card and all co-branded/affinity cards and supplementary cards) in the 6 months prior to the application submission date and at the time the card is approved (excluding selected customers). Offer is subject to terms and conditions.
  8. Subject to the terms and conditions of the BEA GOAL Credit Card Basic and Extra rebates.
  9. Offer is subject to terms and conditions.
  10. Successfully receive monthly salary of HK$10,000 or above through automated payroll payment into Payroll Account and complete at least 3 designated product transactions through digital channels. Terms and Conditions apply. 
  11. Subject to the terms and conditions of Member-Get-Member Referral Programme.
  12. The New Year Referral Reward Promotion runs until 29th February, 2024.


BEA GOAL Summer Lucky Draw

Please click here for the winners list


BEA GOAL 1st Anniversary Lucky Draw

Please click here for the winners list

Important Notice:

    • Investment involves risks. The price of units may go down as well as up, as the investments of a fund are subject to market fluctuations and the risks inherent in investments. You should not make an investment decision based solely on this material.
    • Before making any investment, you should refer to all relevant investment funds' offering documents, including but not limited to the Explanatory Memorandum, for detailed information including the risk factors.
    • The investment decision is yours, but you should not invest in an investment fund unless the intermediary who sells you a subscription has explained to you that the investment fund is suitable for you in light of your financial situation, investment experience, and investment objectives.
    • A fund may not be available in all jurisdictions and/or be subject to restrictions. If you are in doubt, you should seek independent professional advice.
    • Linked deposits are structured products involving derivatives. Linked deposits are not protected deposits under the Deposit Protection Scheme or covered by the Investor Compensation Fund in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
    • The prices of securities may move up or down, and they may even become valueless. There is an inherent risk that you may incur loss rather than make a profit as a result of buying and selling securities. You should read the relevant Risk Disclosure Statement and relevant documents before making any investment decision.
    • Bonds are investment products. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in bonds unless you consider it suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.
    • Bonds are not deposits and are not protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
    • Bonds are subject to both the actual and perceived measures of creditworthiness of the issuer. There is no assurance of protection against a default by the issuer in respect of the repayment obligations. In the worst case scenario you might not be able to recover the principal and coupon if the issuer defaults on the bond.
    • This material has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
    • The information provided in this promotional material is intended solely for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer, solicitation, invitation, or advice to subscribe to any securities or investment products.
    • The Travel Protection Insurance plan is underwritten by Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited (藍十字(亞太)保險有限公司) ("Blue Cross"), a subsidiary of AIA Group Limited. The Bank of East Asia, Limited ("BEA") is an appointed insurance agency of Blue Cross. The insurance plan is a product of Blue Cross but not BEA. All benefits payable under this insurance plan is subject to the credit risk of Blue Cross. Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited is a subsidiary of AIA Group Limited. It is not affiliated with or related in any way to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association or any of its affiliates or licensees. This material is for distribution in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region only. The distribution of this material is not and shall not be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy or a provision of any insurance product outside Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
    • For distribution of investment and insurance products – In respect of an eligible dispute (as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme) arising between BEA and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, BEA is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer; however any dispute over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved between the third party service provider and the customer directly.


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