BEA Online Services Activation

Download the BEA Mobile and activate your BEA Online Services to manage your finances at your fingertips.

A.Activate Cyberbanking_First time LoginB.Transfers funds with FPS via BEA AppC.Enable Biometric Authentication in BEA App

Activate BEA Online Services (First time login)

  1. Select “First time login
    Enter the account number and click "Next" (Note: For Credit Card/Revolving Loan/MPF/ORSO/Single Current/Statement Savings Account, please swipe right to view relevant reminder)
  2. Enter your BEA Online PIN and click "Next"
    Read and agree to the relevant terms and conditions, then click "Next"
  3. Enter the one-time password (“OTP”) sent to you
    Enter username and click “Next
    Reset BEA Online PIN and click “Next
    Enter your email address and click “Next” (Note: If it is a joint account, you need to enter your identity document number at the same time)
  4. Check and confirm the information entered
    Select your financial habits and click “Confirm” to complete your first login

Activate i-Token

  1. Log in to BEA Mobile
    select “Activate i-Token” in “Profile Settings
    Select “Activate
  2. Input the digits required to verify your identity
  3. Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to you
  4. Set up your i-Token PIN
    Select “Confirm
  5. Click “Enable Biometric Authentication” to log in and perform high-risk transactions using biometric authentication
    Verify your biometrics
    Your i-Token and biometric authentication is activated

Enable Biometric Authentication

  1. Log in to BEA Mobile
    After activating i-Token, you can select “Biometric Login” or “Biometric Verification” in “Profile Settings
    Enter your i-Token PIN
  2. Verify your biometrics
    The biometric authentication service you selected has been activated
Download BEA Mobile and activate your Mobile Banking to manage your finances at your fingertips.