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New Cyberbanking login page & i-Token have launched

New Cyberbanking login page & i-Token have launched

i-Token is here! Built into the BEA App, this mobile security token allows you to manage your financial activities with total convenience.

After activated i-Token, you can use the BEA App to:

  • transfer funds to non-registered accounts instantly
  • save time by adding new payees directly when making transactions

New functions make your mobile banking experience simpler and easier

  • Redesigned Cyberbanking login page1 providing alternative login methods Redesigned Cyberbanking login page
  • Updated “Small-value Transfer (FPS)” and “Transfer” pages in the BEA App for a faster transfers BEA App – Transfers
  • Daily transaction limit raised to HK$500,000 to give you greater financial flexibility

Main features of i-Token


Make fund transfers and add payees in the BEA App

  • Directly transfer up to HK$50,000 to non-registered bank accounts BEA App – Transfers
  • Add payees directly while entering transactions information. This can increase the transaction limit# for a payee and save time for your next transaction
    # Maximum daily transaction limit is HK$500,000

Increase transaction limit

  • Increase transaction limits through Cyberbanking Redesigned Cyberbanking login page

Safe and reliable

  • Use one designated mobile device to activate i-Token, log in, and sign transactions. Banking through your mobile is now more secure than ever

Log in quickly to Cyberbanking

  • Log in to the Cyberbanking faster by scanning a QR code from Cyberbanking login page cyblogin


Activate i-Token

Download the BEA App. Get full financial control in your hand.

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Mobile Banking Account Activation


Other information


Account types which can activate i-Token 2

  • Private Banking
  • SupremeGold Private
  • SupremeGold
  • Supreme
  • i-Account
  • Youth i-Account
  • Current/Saving Cyberbanking Account
  • Joint Account



1 The background image of the Private Banking Cyberbanking login page will remain unchanged.

2 If you have more than one account of any single account type, the i-Token service can only be activated for one of those accounts.


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