Cyberbanking - Transaction Limit Adjustment

You can use Dual Authentication login with i-Token1 to increase your daily transaction limits2.

Transaction Limit Adjustment

  1. Log in to Cyberbanking
    Select Settings > Transaction Limits
  2. Enter new daily transaction
    limit(s) 3
    Select "Proceed"
  3. Verify the details
    Tap the i-Token1 notification on your mobile phone
    Scan the QR Code using the BEA App QR Code Scanner4
  4. Your instruction is submitted and the effective date(s) are shown

1. Click here for i-Token activation details.
2. You can adjust the following types of transactions limits:
Transfer to non-registered payee (BEA HK only)
Transfer/Remittance to non-registered payee (other than BEA HK)
Transfer/Remittance to registered payee (other than BEA HK)
Payment to high risk merchant
Through Cyberbanking – Mobile Banking Channel
Small-value transfer
3. Leave the field blank if no change. If NA is displayed for the Mobile Phone Channel limit, you can enter the new limit to proceed (up to maximum of HK$50,000). Increasing transaction limit of the Small-value Transfer is effective immediately, for other transaction types will be effect on the next calendar day.
4. To access the QR Code Scanner, please open the BEA App and press "QR Scan" in the bottom menu.