Mobile Banking Account Activation

Download the BEA App and activate your Mobile Banking to manage your finances at your fingertips.

A.Activate Cyberbanking_First time LoginB.Transfers funds with FPS via BEA AppC.Enable Biometric Authentication in BEA App

Activate Mobile Banking (First time login)

  1. Select “Log in
    Enter your credentials and select "Log in"
  2. Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to you
    Set up your username for login
    Select “Next
  3. Enter/verify your email address
    Select “Next
  4. Set a new PIN
    Select “Next
  5. Verify the details
    Select “Confirm” to complete the Mobile Banking account activation

Activate i-Token

  1. Call us at (852) 2211 1812 to verify your identity before activating i-Token
    Log in to the BEA App
    Go to Settings and
    select “Security & PIN
    Select “i-Token and Biometric Authentication
    Select “Activate
  2. Input the digits to verify your identity
    Select “Next
  3. Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to you
    Select “Next
  4. Set up your i-Token PIN
    Select “Confirm
  5. Select “Continue” to enable Biometric Authentication
    Verify your biometrics
    Your i-Token and biometric authentication is activated

Enable Biometric Authentication

  1. Log in to the BEA App
    Go to Settings and
    select “Security & PIN
    With i-Token already activated, select “Use biometric authentication to1 ” for:
    1. -   "Log in"
      -   "Verify/ re-authenticate
  2. Enter your i-Token PIN
    Verify your biometrics
    Your biometric authentication is enabled
1. For credit card or MPF only customers, please select “Enable Biometric Authentication”, verify your biometrics and enter your Cyberbanking credentials.