BEA App – Transfers/ Small-value Transfers (FPS)

You can make transfers within BEA (Hong Kong) or to other banks through the BEA App.

Fund Transfers/ Small-value Transfers (FPS) in the BEA App

  1. Log in to the BEA App
    Select Mobile Banking >
    Small-value Transfers (FPS)
  2. Select a payee1
    To new payee2
    1. -   Input new payee details
      -   Select “Add to my payee3” and
  3. Select withdrawal account
  4. Enter amount4
    Select “Next
  5. Select Transfer date:
    1. -   Today (default)
      -   Later (choose date in calendar)
      -   Recurring (choose frequency)
  6. Select “Next” back to input page and then "Next"
  7. Verify the details and select “Confirm
    Use your biometric5 or i-Token PIN to authenticate the transaction
    Your transaction is submitted and can share6 this record
1. To use a saved template for pre-filling, please select bookmark.
2. Not applicable for credit card and youth i-account only customers.
3. Select "Add to my payee" to increase the transaction limit for the selected payee and save time for the next transaction.
4. Please find more details in Cyberbanking Transaction Limit.
5. Please find more details in Enabling Biometric Authentication.
6. Not applicable for scheduled instructions.