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The Hong Kong Management Association Mastercard

The Hong Kong Management Association MasterCard

Key Facts Statement/Schedule of Fees and Charges 



  • Perpetual annual fee waiver
  • Flexible instalment plan for tuition fees 

6-month/ 9-month/ 12-month/ 18-month/ 24-month interest-free instalment for tuition fees of courses at HKMA, exclusive for you to advance your studies with ease.


1. The monthly handling fee of interest-free instalment plan is 0.3% on total instalment amount.

2. The annualised percentage rate of 0.3% monthly handling fee calculated based on the requirement of Code of Banking Practise is as follows: 6.32% for 6-month instalment, 6.63% for 9-month instalment, 6.78% for 12-month instalment, 6.93% for 18-month instalment and 6.98% for 24-month instalment. BEA shall be entitled to charge a handling fee for each monthly instalment at each rate(s) as BEA may from time to time prescribe at its discretion. The handling fee is to be determined by BEA from time to time for individual promotion. 

3. The instalment amount is not entitled to double Bonus Points privilege.The instalment amount is not entitled to double Bonus Points privilege.

  • Double Bonus Points Privilege

Enjoy double Bonus Points by using HKMA Mastercard for payment of HKMA membership fees.

  • Autopay HKMA annual membership fees with HKMA Mastercard

Cardholders can choose to pay their annual membership fees automatically through HKMA Mastercard to enjoy a flexible interest-free repayment period and double Bonus Points.

Mastercard® PayPassTM function Paypass

  • The built-in contactless transaction function enables you to simply tap your card to make payments of up to HK$1,000 wherever Mastercard® PayPassTM is accepted. For details, please visit the Mastercard website at


Terms & Conditions 

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