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HKU Credit Card (Exclusively for Students)


Key Facts Statement/Schedule of Fees and Charges


Successfully apply for a HKU Credit Card, you can enjoy the following fabulous welcome gift and the exclusive privileges!

Welcome Gift:

New customers are required to:

Gift: Spend HK$2,000 or above with the new card within 2 months from the date of card issuance and activate the related BEA Credit Card through the BEA App successfully, to be eligible for HK$200 Cash Rebate.

Remark: Terms and conditions apply to the welcome gifts offer. Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions for details.

Exclusive Privileges:
Support Your Alma Mater

Every time you spend with your HKU Credit Card, BEA will donate part of your spending to the HKU Foundation for Educational Development and Research. At no extra cost, you can make contributions to the University for educational development and research.

The Personal contact and occupation information collected will be used to update your records in the graduate database kept by The University of Hong Kong (HKU) for the purpose of future communication.

“2-in1” Card Arrangement for Members of Hong Kong University Alumni Association (“HKUAA”)


Through the collaboration between HKU and HKUAA, the HKU Credit Card will also serve as a membership card for HKUAA Members. HKU students who join HKUAA, which is one of the most established alumni groups in Hong Kong, can apply for a HKU Credit Card embossed with their HKUAA membership number. This “2-in-1” arrangement means cardholders will now enjoy the facilities of HKUAA and the University, plus BEA Credit Card spending privileges.

One of the privileges offered by the HKU Credit Card embossed with a HKUAA membership number is an exclusive 5% discount1 on food and beverages consumed at the HKUAA Club House in Central.

To enjoy this “2-in-1” card arrangement, please provide a copy of your HKUAA membership card to BEA together with your HKU Credit Card application form. If you are not yet a HKUAA member, please visit the HKUAA website at or call 25227968 to apply for HKUAA membership before submitting your credit card application. Request for the embossment of a HKUAA Membership Number after the issuance of the HKU Credit Card will be subject to Replacement Card Fee Specified in the Schedule of Fees & Charges.

1HKUAA reserves the right to change the discount offer.

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