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BEA Days Extra 4.4% rebate on all spending every day. The hottest deal in town

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Mass upgrade to BEA Days! You can now get an extra 4.4% rebate* on all spending every day! Whether you're spending here or overseas, on food, goods, or entertainment, make sure you earn back as much as possible! Receive our BEA Days rebates when your spending reaches HK$4000 (selected World Mastercards/Visa Signature Cards) / HK$2000 (Other credit cards) or more in any month.

Local dining/online/retail transactions newly add purchases at supermarkets/department stores/travel agencies get an extra 4.4% rebate, overseas/online foreign currency transactions newly add online foreign currency transactions, get an extra 4.4% rebate, mobile payments, purchases at local bakeries/fast food restaurants/coffee shops through Apple Pay/Google Pay, newly add purchases at local bakeries, get up to 10% rebate. Offers do not apply to the World Mastercard (registered for BEA Mileage Reward), Flyer World Mastercard, or Corporate Card.

Spending example: Spending amount HK$4000. Ordinary credit card rebate of 0.4% HK$16, BEA Days extra 4.4% HK$176, Total rebate HK$192, Extra earning 11 times. *HK$1 spending=extra 11X Bonus Points, which is extra 4.4% rebate



  1. Monthly accumulated spending amount includes eligible transactions of local dining / online / retail / overseas / online foreign currency / mobile payments. Other credit cards include PLATINUM Card, i-Titanium Card, Gold Card and Classic Card.
  2. If an account has already been registered for BEA Days on or before 30th April, 2019, you don’t need to register it for the revised BEA Days programme again. You only need to register an account once, and it will be eligible to earn a rebate from that month onwards. Cardholders who hold more than one eligible card account must complete each registration individually. Each principal card account and any related supplementary card account(s) will be treated as one eligible card account when calculating the transactions, Bonus Points, and/or rebates. Transactions made using different eligible accounts cannot be transferred/combined.
  3. BEA Days – Local Transactions does not include online transactions posted in any currency other than Hong Kong dollars, cash advances, online/Automatic Teller Machine (“ATM”) bill payments, tax payments, recurring transactions, auto-pay transactions, Octopus Automatic Add Value Service, fund transfers, purchase and/or recharge of prepaid cards or digital wallets, “Cash in Hand” programme-related amounts, finance charges, late charges, annual fees, bank charges, and casino chip purchases.
  4. BEA Days – Mobile Payment is only applicable to transactions made by a BEA Credit Card with Apple Pay/Google Pay only. JCB Platinum Card and Corporate Card are excluded.
    •  World Mastercard (has registered for BEA Mileage Reward) and Flyer World Mastercard: receive 10% rebate for each eligible mobile payment transaction upon the accumulated spending of HK$4,000 or more in any month. 
    •  World Mastercard (has registered for BEA Dining Reward), Visa Signature Card and other credit cards: receive up to 10% rebate for each eligible mobile payment transaction, including an extra 5.6% mobile payment rebate and an extra 4.4% local transaction rebate, upon the accumulated spending of HK$4,000 (World Mastercard/Visa Signature Card) / HK$2,000 (other credit cards) or more in any month.


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