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Q1 From a security perspective, what is the difference between a chip-based ATM card and magnetic stripe-based ATM card?
  The new chip-based ATM card adopts the latest ATM security technology, offering greater protection to the sensitive data stored within the chip.
Q2 Apart from enhanced security, what changes will the chip-based ATM card bring?
Function/ServiceChip-based ATM card
PIN Remains unchanged
Linked account Remains unchanged
Bills registered for "PPS" Please register again
Daily cash withdrawal limit Remains unchanged
HKJC EFT Service Please register again
UnionPay network ATM services Can perform transactions via ATMs or Point of Sale ("POS") terminals with the UnionPay logo
PLUS/Cirrus network ATM services Not applicable
(To continue using PLUS/Cirrus network ATM services, customers can link their bank account to a VISA or MasterCard credit card)
Q3 Can chip-based ATM cards be used in existing ATMs?
  Chip-based ATM cards can be used in existing ATMs which have already been chip-enabled.
Q4 Are there any advantages when using a chip-based ATM card on the UnionPay network?
  The new chip-based ATM card can be used at all BEA and JETCO network ATMs in Hong Kong, Macau, and China, and also ATMs and POS terminals under the UnionPay network all over the world. The service charge for cash withdrawals via the UnionPay network is as low as HKD15. The chip-based ATM card can also be used at POS terminals with the UnionPay or EPS logo. Both your PIN and signature are required when making a UnionPay POS transaction. Please confirm that the name embossed on your chip-based ATM card is correct and sign the signature panel on the back of the card with a ball pen.
Q5 Will the annual fee for chip-based ATM cards be raised?
  The annual fee for chip-based ATM cards is the same as the previous fee for magnetic stripe-based ATM cards.
Q6 Once the chip-based ATM card is used, will the existing magnetic stripe-based ATM card still be valid?
  All magnetic stripe-based ATM cards became invalid on 1st April, 2014. If you still have not yet activated your chip-based ATM card, please do so immediately. If your new card has not been activated on or before 3rd August, 2014, it will be suspended on 4th August, 2014. To reactivate a suspended chip-based ATM card, please contact our ATM Card Service Hotline on (852) 2211 1818 during office hours. Once your new chip-based ATM card is activated, please destroy the old card immediately.
Q7 Is it necessary to activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function for my ATM card for all locations outside Hong Kong?
  Yes, including Mainland China, Taiwan, and Macau. However, you can make cross-border ATM cash withdrawals via BEA/JETCO ATMs in Macau without activating the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function.
Q8 What is the overseas daily withdrawal limit of the chip-based ATM card?
  The overseas daily withdrawal limit is HKD20,000 or its equivalent per chip-based ATM card. You can set the overseas daily withdrawal limit according to your needs.
Q9 How do I know whether the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function has been activated or its settings have been changed successfully?
  BEA will issue an SMS to your registered mobile phone number once the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function has been activated or its settings have been changed successfully. However, when deactivating the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function, no notification SMS will be sent.
Q10 Can I perform balance enquiries at ATMs or make purchases at POS terminals if I have not preset the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function beforehand?
Q11 Can I activate the Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal function during my stay in a foreign country?
  Yes. You can log in to the BEA App to activate this function instantly. You can also deactivate the function after use.