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With success come greater responsibilities and concerns for your family’s future

A reliable plan is vital

AIA’s CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5 provides a lifetime of quality medical insurance and confidence in any situation. With global medical protection, guaranteed renewal and full reimbursement for major medical expenses, you can pursue your life with passion and make the most out of every occasion


Cover at a glance

For more information, please read the benefits schedule for CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5 in this brochure.


Lifetime medical protection

CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5 is a medical protection insurance plan that provides lifetime cover up to HK$50,000,000. With this plan, you will enjoy broad hospitalisation and surgery cover around the world, giving you support when you need it most.

Lifetime guaranteed renewal

CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5 guarantees that your premium for renewal will not be raised for any claim you have made, or any changes in your health condition. You can renew your cover every year for life. Renewal premium will be based on the prevailing premium rates at the time of renewal (Please refer to the Annual Premium Table for the first year premium provided by your financial planner).

Extended caring protection to safeguard the needs of stroke and cancer patients

Stroke is a common disease with potentially harmful consequences, often requiring extensive periods of recovery and additional living support. This plan offers extended caring protection to address the daily needs and self-care capabilities of stroke patients, so that you may receive the proper care even in the comfort of your own home. These include:

This plan also includes enhanced support for cancer patients with cover for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy and the related consultations, medications and diagnostic tests. For patients with kidney diseases, we also cover the expenses required for regular dialysis treatments.

No-claim deductible discount up to 100%

If no claim is made for two consecutive cover years, our CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5 offers a
10% discount on your selected deductible choice in the following cover year. Such discount will accumulate every two consecutive cover years and can reach up to 100%, meaning that the deductible amount can be reduced to zero.

The discount applies to the original deductible amount of your plan, and will be reset to 0% in the next cover year upon claim payment.

Even if you received hospital cash benefit, lower room class cash benefit, day surgery benefit, day surgery cash benefit or worldwide emergency assistance services (see benefits schedule, items 8, 9, 11, 13 and 29 for details), your eligibility for this discount will not be affected.


Illustration of no-claim deductible discount – annual deductible choice of HK$25,000 is selected



AIA “Health and Wellness 360” Taking care of your needs comprehensively from prevention, protection, treatment to recovery

AIA understands that health has become more and more important to you. We strive to do more for you to look out for your health. As your all-round health guardian, we offer an array of extra health and medical services and are there with you to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.  

We encourage you to build a healthy lifestyle to prevent getting sick. Even if you feel unwell, AIA offers you diverse value-added medical services from treatment to recovery, partnering with top medical specialists and professional service providers around the globe to support you for faster recovery.       

Personal Medical Case Management Services with Rehabilitation Management*

If you are unfortunately diagnosed with a serious illness, an expert team is here to help. Through Personal Medical Case Management Services with Rehabilitation Management, our designated service provider will get you the medical support you need with ongoing updates on your condition, and tailor a personalised rehabilitation plan for you. Your diagnosis and treatment will be assessed by a specialist, so you can count on additional medical expertise to help you overcome your health challenges with confidence. For more information, please refer to the Personal Medical Case Management Services with Rehabilitation Management leaflet.   


Access a high-quality medical network*    

This is a value-added service designed to further enhance your peace of mind in a medical situation. Our medical network has a group of multi-disciplinary medical specialists and provides you with access to a number of advanced day case medical centres, a safe and convenient alternative to hospitals. You can book day case procedure at network clinics and day case procedure centres, the network doctor will apply for the Medical Expense Pre-approval Service on your behalf. You can also enjoy the convenience of cashless hospitalisation (also known as Credit Facility Service for Hospitalisation) and a dedicated hotline for centralised booking.     


Hassle-free medical payment at home and overseas  

When you are facing a health challenge, the last thing you want is the hassle of paying your medical bills, especially in a foreign country. Through AIA, you can enjoy the total convenience of cashless hospitalisation, even while in designated private hospitals in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as the United States and Europe (subject to geographic cover set out in the benefit schedule). Once this service has been approved, we will settle the medical expenses incurred during your hospital stay on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your recovery without the stress of paying hospital bills and making subsequent claims. Any shortfall payment resulting from your hospital stay will be settled after your treatment. Once the final claim amount has been settled, any related benefit limits will be reduced accordingly.

For more information and the list of designated hospitals, please refer to our Credit Facility Service for Hospitalisation leaflet.

* This service is provided by the designated service provider engaged by AIAHK and is not applicable to Macau Region.


Flexibility to suit your needs

We understand that everyone’s situation is different. That’s why we offer various benefit combination choices to suit your personal medical needs:

Whether you are looking for full protection or top-up cover to supplement your current medical plan, annual deductible choices allow you to specify how much you are willing to pay before you claim. Higher deductible amount could lower your premium. For example, if you chose an annual deductible of HK$16,000 and your eligible medical expense is HK$100,000, you would receive HK$100,000 less your deductible, which would be HK$84,000.       

You can also choose to reduce your annual deductible amount to a specified amount without having to provide us with current details of your health upon the anniversary of your cover at the age of 50, 55, 60 or 65. The premium will be adjusted based on your selected deductible amount, and your out-of-pocket limit for a claim will be reduced. Before making your request for this reduction of deductible, you may have to reassess if this reduction can suit your personal needs.      

In addition, you have the flexibility to take CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5 as either a standalone insurance plan or as an add-on plan of specified basic plans.                



Benefits schedule for CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5       

Benefit items 1 - 7, 10 - 12, 14 - 24, 25b, 26 - 28, 31 - 38 are reimbursed on medically necessary and reasonable and customary basis. For more information, please refer to point 2 of the "Product Limitation" section under "Important Information".  




Important Information

The brochure does not contain the full terms and conditions of the policy. It is not, and does not form part of, a contract of insurance and is designed to provide an overview of the key features of this product. The precise terms and conditions of this plan are specified in the policy contract. Please refer to the policy contract for the definitions of capitalised terms, and the exact and complete terms and conditions of cover. In case you want to read policy contract sample before making an application, you can obtain a copy from AIA. The brochure should be read along with the illustrative document (if any) and other relevant marketing materials, which include additional information and important considerations about this product. We would like to remind you to review the relevant product materials provided to you and seek independent professional advice if necessary.

This plan is an insurance plan without any savings element. All premiums are paid for the insurance and related costs.

This plan can be only purchased through Bank of East Asia as a basic plan.

This brochure is for distribution in Hong Kong only.    

Key Product Risks

  1. You need to pay the premium for this plan for life as long as you renew for this plan or for this add-on plan until the basic plan it is attached to is terminated. If you do not pay the premium within 31 days of the premium due date, the policy will be terminated and you / the insured will lose the cover.       
  2. You may request for the termination of your policy by notifying us in written notice. Also, we will terminate your policy and you / the insured will lose the cover when one of the following happens:       
    • the insured passes away;
    • you do not pay the premium within 31 days of the premium due date;
    • the aggregate benefits under the relevant insurance policy reaches the overall lifetime limit; or;
    •the aggregate benefits under the relevant insurance policy reaches the overall lifetime limit; or    
    If the insured happens to be hospitalised on the date when this plan / add-on plan is terminated because you do not pay the premium within 31 days of the premium due date, we will extend the cover for an additional 30 days without the need for you to make any payments, subject to the same benefit limits which apply to your original plan.            
  3. We underwrite the plan and you are subject to our credit risk. If we are unable to satisfy the financial obligations of the policy, the insured may lose his cover and you may lose the remaining premium for that policy year.       
  4. You are subject to exchange rate risks for plans denominated in currencies other than the local currency. Exchange rates fluctuate from time to time. You may suffer a loss of your benefit values and the subsequent premium payments (if any) may be higher than your initial premium payment as a result of exchange rate fluctuations. You should consider the exchange rate risks and decide whether to take such risks.       
  5. The future medical costs will be higher than they are today due to inflation. Hence, the benefit amounts and the future premium rate of this plan may be revised to reflect the inflation (Please refer to Annual Premium Table for the first year premium provided by your financial planner).       

Key Exclusions

Under this plan, we will not cover any of the following events or conditions: 

The above list is for reference only. Please refer to the policy contract of this plan for the complete list and details of exclusions.


Premium Adjustment and Product Features Revision

1) Premium Adjustment

In order to provide you with continuous protection, we will review the premium of your plan from time to time and adjust it accordingly at the end of each renewal period if necessary. During the review, we may consider factors including but not limited to the following:

2) Product Features

Revision We reserve the right to revise the benefit structure, terms and conditions and / or product features, so as to keep pace with the times for medical advancement and to provide you with continuous protection.    

We will give you a written notice of any revision 31 days before the end of policy year or upon renewal.



Product Limitation

1) Cover for specific items will be effective on the following dates:


2) We only cover the charges and / or expenses of the insured on medically necessary and reasonable and customary basis.

“Medically necessary” means that the medical services, diagnosis and / or treatments are:

• delivered according to standards of good medicalpractice;
• necessary; and
• cannot be safely delivered in a lower level of medical care.
Experimental, screening, and preventive services or supplies are not considered medically necessary.

“Reasonable and customary” means:

• the medical services, diagnosis and / or treatments are medically necessary and delivered according to standards of good medical practice;

• the costs of your medical services and the duration of your hospital stay are not more expensive or longer than the usual level of charges or duration for similar treatment in the locality of such services delivered; and

• does not include charges that would not have been made if no insurance existed.    

We may adjust any and all benefits payable in relation to any hospital / medical charges which is not a reasonable and customary charge.       

3) The insured will be covered for any room type in which he stays at hospital, but there will be a reduction in his benefit pay-out amount in case the insured stays in a room type higher than the plan covered. In such a case, the benefit pay-out amount will be adjusted by multiplying the following factor:  


4) If the insured continuously stays for 365 days in one of the following regions, the medical services and / or treatments provided to the insured in such region will be permanently reduced to 60% of his benefit pay-out amount. Such reduction applies to all items in the benefits schedule except items 29 and 30:    


5) If the eligible expenses have been reimbursed under any law, or medical program or other insurance policy provided by any government, company, other third party or us, such will not be reimbursable by us under this policy.       

6) Worldwide emergency assistance services are covered during the trip only (except for 24-hour worldwide telephone enquiring services), which are additional benefits. The services are provided by third party service provider(s). AIA shall not be responsible for any act, negligence or omission of medical advice, opinion, service or treatment on the part of them. AIA reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the service without further notice.        

7) Medical network services, Credit Facility Service for Hospitalisation, and Medical Expense Pre-approval Service are additional benefits and do not form part of the contractual service. Medical network services are provided by network doctor. AIA shall not be responsible for any act or omission of network doctor in the provision of medical network services. Credit Facility Service for Hospitalisation is provided by third party service provider(s). AIA reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate these services without further notice.        

Claim Procedure

If you wish to make a claim, you must notify us in writing within 20 days of the date the covered event happened, and send us the appropriate forms and relevant proof within 90 days of the same date. You can get the appropriate claim forms from your financial planner, by calling the AIA Customer Hotline (852) 2232 8968 in Hong Kong, or by visiting any AIA Customer Service Centre. If you wish to know more about claim related matter, you may visit “File A Claim” section under our company website       

Warning Statement and Cancellation Right

CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5 is an insurance plan without any savings element. All premiums are paid for the insurance and related costs. If you are not happy with your policy, you have a right to cancel it within the cooling-off period and obtain a refund of any premiums and levy paid. A written notice signed by you should be received by the Customer Service Centre of AIA International Limited at 12/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong within the cooling-off period (that is, 21 calendar days immediately following either the day of delivery of the policy or cooling-off notice (informing you / your nominated representative about the availability of the policy and expiry date of the cooling-off period, whichever is earlier). After the expiration of the cooling-off period, if you cancel the policy before the end of the term, you will not receive the refund of premiums paid.       



Important Notes from the Insurance Agent of The Bank of East Asia, Limited