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May, 2022

US Equity: Negative real interest rate supports the market

HK Equity: Sector ideas for COVID reopening

FX: NZD – Beneficiary of raising commodity prices & inflation

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April, 2022

Thematic Commentary: Russia-Ukraine conflict

Equity: Investment strategy during HK stock selloff 

FX: RMB will benefit from geopolitical instability

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March, 2022

Equity: Fed's Rate Hikes and Opportunities in US Stock

FX: AUD Outlook amid Rise in Commodity Prices

Macroeconomics: Resurgence of COVID-19

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February, 2022

Equity: Real Interest Rate - Protagonist in the US Equities Market

Thematic Commentary: ESG Sector is Gaining Momentum?

FX: GBP Outlook Following BOE's Surprise Hike

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