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Your home and family are the centre of your life. However, you may be placing their well-being at serious risk if your domestic helper lacks sufficient coverage. Should your helper suddenly fall sick or get hurt under your employment, the entire financial burden will fall on your shoulders. In some cases, the financial impact could be substantial.

Domestic Helper Protection Insurance helps you fulfil your legal obligations as required by the Employees' Compensation Ordinance and protects you and your helper by providing comprehensive medical, accident, and liability coverage. What's more, two optional riders give you additional security by providing your overseas domestic helper with extra protection against common major illnesses on top of the coverage provided. Whether you hire an overseas domestic helper, a local maid, or a part-time helper, Domestic Helper Protection Insurance allows you, your family, and your helper to enjoy total peace of mind.

Basic Protection

Plan A Employee's compensation coverage for all domestic helpers including part-timers
Plan B & Plan C Comprehensive protection for overseas domestic helpers
  • Employer's liability of up to HK$100,000,000
  • Outpatient benefit of up to HK$200 per day
  • Hospital and surgical benefit
  • Loss of service cash allowances
  • Dental benefit
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Personal accident benefit of up to HK$150,000
  • Personal liability of up to HK$200,000
Insured ItemsMaximum Benefits (HK$)
Plan APlan BPlan C
Employer's Liability  
In respect of the legal liability under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance 100,000,000/event
Outpatient Benefit      
Medical consultation, prescribed medicines, and drugs      
Limit per day - 150 200
Bone-setting, physiotherapy, or chiropractic treatment      
Limit per day - 100 100
Limit per year - 500 500
Total limit per year N/A 3,000 3,000
Hospital and Surgical Benefit    
Room and Board (including miscellaneous hospital charges)    
Limit per day - 300
Surgeon's Fee    
Limit per disability - 10,000
Anaesthetist's Fee   25% of the eligible
Limit per disability - Surgeon's Fee
Operating Theatre Fee   12.5% of the eligible
Limit per disability - Surgeon's Fee
Total limit per year N/A 20,000 25,000
Loss of Service Cash Allowances    
Loss of domestic helper's service due to hospital confinement (from the 4th day of confinement onwards)    
Limit per day - 200
Total limit per year N/A 4,000 6,000
Dental Benefit    
Oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions, or fillings    
Limit per day - 250
Total limit per year N/A 1,500 1,500
Replacement Helper Expenses    
Extra employment agency fee and other replacement expenses due to the death or repatriation of the domestic helper as a result of serious injury or illness    
Total limit per year N/A 3,000 10,000
Repatriation Expenses    
Repatriation due to serious illness or injury    
Post-mortem treatment and transportation of mortal remains or body ashes to the country of origin    
Total limit per year N/A 20,000 20,000
Personal Accident    
Accidental death or permanent total disablement resulting from injury during rest days in Hong Kong    
Total limit per year N/A 100,000 150,000
Fidelity Protection    
Financial loss from any fraudulent or dishonest act committed by the domestic helper    
Total limit per year N/A 3,000 6,000
Personal Liability    
Third party liability arising out of negligence of the domestic helper    
Any one accident/any one period N/A N/A 200,000

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