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At The Bank of East Asia Group, we are dedicated to providing quality services that suit your needs. Your feedback can help us to enhance and improve our service standards.

We welcome you to share your opinions or suggestions with us:

  • By letter: please send your letter by post, by fax on (852) 3608 6228, or deliver it in person to any of our branches or business offices
  • By e-mail: please send your e-mail to; or complete the Enquiry Form
  • By telephone: please call our Customer Opinion Hotline on (852) 2211 1388

 We will address your concerns as quickly and efficiently as we can, providing you with:

  • a written acknowledgement within 7 days upon receipt of your opinions or suggestions
  • a written response to your opinions or suggestions within 30 days upon receipt of the same

 Thank you for your support.


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The Bank of East Asia Group



1. Written acknowledgement will only be provided for opinions or suggestions sent by letter or by e-mail
2. No written acknowledgement will be provided if a written response is provided directly to you within seven days upon receipt of your opinions or suggestions
3. No written acknowledgement or written response will be provided if the opinions or suggestions, upon receipt, have been duly resolved by close of business on the following business day




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