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BEA Online (MPF/ORSO) and e-Statement Service Promotion

Making use of the BEA Online (MPF/ORSO) helps you manage your MPF account and enjoy the convenience of digital services wherever you are, whenever you want.

From 1st January to 31st December, 2024 (both dates inclusive), eligible participant who (i) activates BEA Online (MPF/ORSO) within the period will receive HK$20 in vouchers and / or (ii) opts for e-Statement service and cancels paper statement service within the period will get HK$20 in vouchers.

Designated items



   (i) Activates BEA Online (MPF/OSRO)

HK$20 in vouchers

First Time Login Guide for Members

   (ii) Opts for e-Statement service and cancels

        paper statement service

HK$20 in vouchers


MPF e-Statment Service

For details, please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions

Open a BEA Online account:

You can open a BEA Online (MPF/ORSO) account by simply calling the BEA (MPF) Hotline on 2211 1777 (Operated by Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited). You can also complete and return us the BEA Online (MPF/ORSO) Account Application Form (TR223) for account opening.

After opening an account, you can also activate mobile banking services of BEA App right away. Please visit BEA’s website to learn more about BEA Online and BEA Mobile.

For a better understanding of our e-Services, including the introduction of e-Services, user guides, and security tips, please visit the dedicated webpage BEA MPF e-Services.