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BEA (MPF) Personal Account

With every new job comes a new MPF provider. If you've had several employers over the years, you're probably holding a number of MPF accounts, which can be confusing and inconvenient. The BEA (MPF) Personal Account helps you grow and manage your wealth effectively by enabling you to consolidate accrued MPF benefits under one account.

Schemes to Choose

We offer BEA (MPF) Master Trust Scheme, BEA (MPF) Value Scheme (another master trust scheme) and BEA (MPF) Industry Scheme to meet your retirement needs. All schemes offer a variety of investment choices:

Open a BEA (MPF) Personal Account now and take a positive step towards ensuring that your previous contributions are working with you to reach your retirement goals. To transfer your funds preserved in other MPF schemes to an BEA MPF Personal Account, please complete Member - Election Form for Accrued Benefits (Form MPF(S) - P(M)). If you are not an BEA MPF Personal Account holder, please also complete the Member - Participation Agreement (Personal Account):

 BEA (MPF) Master Trust SchemeBEA (MPF) Value
BEA (MPF) Industry Scheme
Member - Participation Agreement  (Personal Account) TR86
(Fillable Format)
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For further information, please call the BEA (MPF) Hotline on (852) 2211 1777 (Operated by Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited).


MPF Scheme Brochure


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