Cyberbanking - Update Personal Information

You can use Dual Authentication login with i-Token1 to update all personal information (updating mobile phone requires login with mobile security code2).

Update Personal Information

  1. Log in to Cyberbanking with i-Token1 (updating mobile phone requires login with mobile security code2).
    Select Settings > Personal Information
  2. Select “Edit” for designated information
  3. Edit your email address/ correspondence address/ phone or fax / employment details
    Select “Proceed
  4. Verify the details
    Tap the i-Token1 notification on your mobile phone
    Scan the QR Code using the BEA App QR Code Scanner3
  5. Your instruction is submitted and the effective date is shown
1. Click here for i-Token activation details. Alternatively, you may use OTP for verifying instruction of personal information change.
2. Click here for mobile security code login demonstration.
3. To access the QR Code Scanner, please open the BEA App and press "QR Scan" in the bottom menu.