BEA App – Pay!

You can pay multiple payees by mobile number, email or FPS ID in an easy and efficient way through the BEA App.


  1. Log in to BEA App
    Go to “Transfers & Payment” > “Pay!(FPS)
  2. Pay up to 5 payees by:
    Enter a name, mobile no., email or FPS ID in the search bar
    Select friends in “Recent” or “My Contacts
    Select “Next
  3. Enter amount1 then click “Next
    Verify details and select “Pay
  4. Your transaction is submitted
    Customize your message and share to friends(optional)

1. Maximum limit is HKD 10,000.00 (or its equivalent in other currencies). To view or amend your transaction limit, please login to BEA App and go to “Settings” > “FPS & Transaction Limit” > “Small-value Transfer Limit