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Preferential Interest Rate for New-to-bank Customers

HKD/USD/RMB time deposit

Enjoy preferential interest rate by placing an HKD/USD/RMB time deposit with new funds (quota applies).

CurrencyInterest rate (p.a.)
6 Months
HKD 2.50%
USD 1.90%
RMB 2.75%

The minimum deposit is HK$100,000 or its equivalent. Terms and conditions apply. For details, please visit any BEA branch. Above rates are for reference only and are not guaranteed.

IPO Refund Offer: Any customers who receive IPO refund and place an HKD 6-month time deposit with the refund amount of at least HK$100,000 (maximum deposit amount is HK$2,000,000), can enjoy preferential interest rate 2.50%p.a..


For the Supreme Account welcome offers, please click here.


Terms and Conditions: _

Renminbi ("RMB") Currency Risk and Important Notice:

  • The value of RMB is subject to the fluctuation of its exchange rate. There may be exchange rate loss suffered by customers due to such fluctuation if customers convert RMB into other currencies (including Hong Kong Dollars).
  • RMB is currently not completely freely convertible. Personal customers can be offered to conduct conversion of RMB using offshore rates. Corporate customers can be offered to conduct conversion of RMB using offshore rates or onshore rates depending on the objective of conversion. It may occasionally not be able to conduct conversion fully or immediately as it is subject to the RMB position and market conditions at that time. Customers should understand and consider the possible impact on the liquidity of RMB funds. The exchange rate for the offshore RMB market in Hong Kong may be at a premium or discount when compared to the onshore market in the People's Republic of China ("PRC") and there may be significant bid and offer spreads.
  • Buying and selling currency involve risks. The exchange rate may fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. Losses may be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling currency.
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