The Bank of East Asia

Wealth Management

  1. Is BEA a reliable fund intermediary?

  2. How does an investor begin investing in unit trusts?

  3. Can an investor obtain information on unit trusts online?

    • Of course, a prospective investor can access websites operated by fund houses to search for fund information.

      However, it could be quite time consuming if such an investor is looking for several funds from various fund houses.

      For the benefit of its investors, BEA offers BEA Cyberfund Centre, which serves as a hub of investment funds information on the BEA website. BEA Cyberfund Centre enables investors to conveniently and easily access information on funds of interest. What's more, investors who open Cyberbanking accounts with BEA may compare the performance of selected funds in their investment research and planning, to help ensure that they make the right decision. The latest updates on Unit Trusts news are also available, so that investors can always stay on top of the trends and opportunities in the marketplace.

  4. Can investors subscribe and redeem unit trusts online with BEA?

  5. What kinds of online trading service can investors use through the BEA Cyberfund Centre?

  6. How do investors obtain regular fund prices?