The Bank of East Asia

Corporate Banking

Cross Border Banking

BEA offers a comprehensive range of innovative cross border banking and RMB services, allowing your business to capitalise on an increasingly open regulatory environment. With substantial experience in cross border business and an extensive network in Hong Kong and Mainland China, our professional advisors work closely with corporate customers to help them grasp every opportunity.


Cross Border Banking Products and Services

  • RMB trade financeCLBD
  • RMB working capital loans
  • Onshore and offshore loans
  • RMB trade settlement services


One-Stop Corporate Banking Services

  • Overdrafts
  • Revolving loans
  • Term loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Equipment finance
  • Vehicle finance
  • Share finance
  • Stagging loans
  • MPF Services
  • Factoring
  • Corporate tax loans
  • SME Loans


Dedicated relationship managers provide personalized services

As a customer of our Bank, you will be assigned a personal relationship manager, dedicated to providing the banking services you need to run your business effectively. No need to deal with different managers in different departments - your personal relationship manager will handle all the details.



Extensive network enhances convenience

Our extensive local network of over 100 branches and SupremeGold Centres as well as a conveniently located trade services centre in Kwun Tong provide easy access to our services. You may choose to tender and pick up your documents at any of our branches, as our internal courier service ensures timely delivery of your trade documents to our trade services centre for processing.

Our overseas branches and representative offices, located in major cities and financial centres around the world, together with our well established global correspondent network, provide you with the most efficient trade services and the most up-to-date information on the global market.



Electronic banking service improves efficiency

Corporate Cyberbanking enables you to manage your company’s finances securely and conveniently. With Corporate Cyberbanking, you can access a comprehensive range of banking services anytime, anywhere. These include fund transfers, letters of credit applications/amendments, and account balance/transaction and trade finance account/credit facility balance enquiries.



Competitive pricing

We offer very competitive foreign exchange rates, bills charges and interest rates.





Renminbi (“RMB”) Currency Risk and Important Note:

The value of RMB is subject to the fluctuation of its exchange rate. There may be exchange rate loss suffered by customers due to such fluctuation if customers convert RMB into other currencies (including Hong Kong Dollars).
RMB is currently not completely freely convertible. Corporate customers can be offered to conduct conversion of RMB using offshore rates or onshore rates depending on the objective of conversion and may occasionally not be able to conduct fully or immediately as it is subject to the RMB position and market conditions at that time. Customers should understand and consider the possible impact on the liquidity of RMB funds. The exchange rate for the offshore RMB market in Hong Kong may be at a premium or discount when compared to the onshore market in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) and there may be significant bid and offer spreads.
RMB business involving cross-border flow of RMB funds with the PRC, including cross-border trade settlement or remittances, will be subject to the rules and requirements promulgated by Hong Kong and the PRC authorities.