The Bank of East Asia

Corporate Banking



  • Service is available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions
  • Through one Corporate Cyberbanking account, a company can manage all its finances effectively. The customer can view audit trails for every transaction. This single account can link to:
    • a maximum of 30 related accounts
    • a maximum of 30 accounts held in the name of an associated company
    • a maximum of 99 pre-designated 3rd party accounts for fund transfers


Account Enquiry

  • Online account balance
  • Transaction history
  • Today’s transaction activity
  • Consolidated balance summary
  • Account summary by account
  • Account summary by currency
  • Bills position summary
  • Credit limit utilisation summary

Fund Transfer

  • Transfer between accounts in the name of one company
  • Transfer to a local BEA account
  • Transfer to a BEA China HKD or USD account
  • Transfer to another bank in Hong Kong
  • Express transfer to another bank in HKD, USD or CNY
  • Transfer to another bank in China or overseas
  • Different transaction limits can be set according to account designation (pre-designated and non-designated account types)
  • Transaction template for daily operations
  • Scheduled instructions on fund transfer

Bill Payment

  • Payment to over 800 merchants
  • Merchant search function
  • Bill payment template for daily operations
  • Scheduled instructions on bill payment


  • Enrol e-bill
  • View e-bill/e-donation summary
  • Approve enrolment request
  • Present e-bill
  • Present payment/e-donation receipt
  • Download payment/e-donation transaction

Time Deposit

  • Enquiry
  • Place a new deposit
  • Uplift a deposit
  • Renew a deposit (one-time/multiple)

Liquidity Management

  • Setting up pre-defined instructions for transfer funds
  • Funds transfer to any pre-designated account held at BEA, other banks in Hong Kong, China or overseas
  • Zero Balancing
  • Balance Sweeping

Trade Services

  • L/C application
  • L/C amendment
  • L/C template
  • Scheduled instructions on L/C submission


  • Submit remittance statement for MPF contribution
  • Upload MPF file generated by the MPF Autopay & Payroll System (MAS)
  • Enquire about your MPF contribution history
  • Check the latest constitution fund prices and monthly investment summary
  • Receive the quarterly MPF newsletter
  • Online remittance statement template
  • Scheduled instructions on MPF contribution submission

Payroll and Autopay

  • Submit HKD or CNY payroll and payment instructions
  • Upload files generated by MAS
  • Payroll and payment templates
  • Scheduled instructions on payroll and payment

Rate Enquiry

  • HKD deposit rate
  • Foreign currency deposit rate
  • T/T exchange rate and gold price
  • Exchange rate for foreign currency note
  • Inter-bank rate
  • Prime rate

Stock Trading

  • Portfolio enquiries
  • Order placement

Cyberfund Centre

  • Fund portfolio and online trading
  • Order status and transaction history enquiry
  • Fund search and comparison
  • Market news and fund knowledge

Linked Deposits

  • Account enquiries
  • Rate enquiries
  • Order placement

Other Services

  • Request cheque/e-Cheque book
  • Issue/present e-Cheque
  • Stop a cheque/e-Cheque
  • Request cheque image
  • Request statement
  • View e-Statement
  • View e-Advice
  • Download account activity and history
  • Download Corporate Cyberbanking-related form
  • MAS New Release Download
  • CyberAlert

Merchant Services

  • Download account activity and history
  • Download Merchant transaction record
  • Collection service

Approval Centre

  • Enable signing/unsigning/sending of transaction by authorised signer(s)
  • Access point for dual signing and authorisation matrix for better transaction control

Report Centre

  • Liquidity Management report

Mobile Banking Service

  • Account balance enquiry
  • Account activity and history enquiry
  • Fund transfer to local BEA own accounts or pre-registered accounts

ATM Service

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Transfers
  • Cash and cheque deposits using deposit card



2 System administrator IDs will be assigned to each Corporate Cyberbanking account

The following 6 functions are provided to the system administrator:

  • User Maintenance
  • FAP
  • DAP
  • Service Maintenance
  • Authorisation Matrix Enquiry
  • Account Settings

User Maintenance

  • Add/edit/delete user
  • Reset password
  • Assign signer PIN to user

Function Access Profile (FAP) and Data Access Profile (DAP) for segregation of duties

  • FAP - define which functions each user can access
  • DAP - define what data (reporting & transaction) each user can access

Service maintenance to assign user access rights to specific services

  • e-Statement/e-Advice
  • Statement option
  • CyberAlert

Sophisticated authorisation matrix to facilitate authority delegation

  • 3 classes of signers (Classes A, B, and C) with different limits that allow up to 9 combinations of dual and single signing
  • 2 different matrices:
    • For transfer limit between accounts held in the name of one company
    • For transfer limit to designated 3rd party account

Maintenance of additional account settings

  • Daily transaction limit reduction
  • System audit


Daily Transaction Limits

Internet Banking


(HK$ or its equivalent)

Required Authentication Method

To related and associated account Unlimited* Signer PIN
To pre-designated third party account
(BEA and other banks) and bill payment#  
HK$5,000,000 or below Signer PIN
Over HK$5,000,000 to HK$10,000,000 or below OTP / i-Token
Over HK$10,000,000 to unlimited* i-Token (2 Signers)
To non-designated third party account
(BEA and other banks) 
HK$1,000,000 or below OTP / i-Token
Over HK$1,000,000 to HK$2,000,000 or below i-Token
Payroll & Autopay (BEA and other banks)  HK$3,000,000 or below^ OTP / i-Token
Over HK$3,000,000 to HK$5,000,000 or below^ i-Token


The amount of each foreign exchange transaction cannot be greater than HK$4 million or its equivalent (bank charges excluded).

* Customers are required to set a daily transaction limit for every transaction type when they open their account.
^ Total limit of HK$5,000,000 is shared by Payroll & Autopay whereas the sub-limit of Autopay is HK$3,000,000.
# Include bill payment and high-risk merchant payment.
High-risk merchant payment applies to all types of merchant except the following: Government or Statutory Organisation, Public Utility, Education (Primary or Secondary School) and Education (Post-secondary or Specialised Institution).

Phone Banking



To related account HK$1,000,000 or its equivalent
To pre-designated third party BEA account HK$500,000 or its equivalent


Daily Deposit Limits

Daily deposit limits for non-designated BEA accounts receiving fund transfers through Corporate Cyberbanking are as follows:



From Corporate Cyberbanking account HK$1,000,000 or its equivalent