The Bank of East Asia

Corporate Banking

  1. Service Features - Improving your company’s financial efficiency

    • Easy Access

      Corporate Cyberbanking's wide range of electronic channels gives you greater flexibility, enabling you to manage your company’s finances anytime, anywhere through a computer or mobile with internet access.

    • Cost Savings

      Corporate Cyberbanking is free of charge for our corporate customers. It also brings preferential pricing – for example, you can save up to 70% on service fees by submitting your remittance instructions online.

    • Getting Started

      After opening a Corporate Cyberbanking account, you can simply go online to activate and set up your account.

    • Safe to Use

      All high-risk transactions require two-factor authentication. For your security, you will receive a transaction notification each time you authorise one.

    • Control and Convenience

      Corporate Cyberbanking provides a wide range of services. You can manage and operate your accounts through Corporate Cyberbanking easily and efficiently. You can set which services you want to enable as well as the transaction limits according to your business needs.

  2. Cash Management

    • Account Enquiry

      - Get a consolidated overview of your BEA accounts and recent transactions
      - Download your transaction history as a CSV file

    • Fund Transfer

      - Transfer funds to BEA accounts in Hong Kong or China
      - Make telegraphic transfers to overseas or China
      - Make transfers at any time of any day using the Faster Payment System

    • Bill Payment and E-bills

      - Make direct online payments to over 800 merchants
      - Register for e-bills to receive, view, manage, and pay merchants’ e-bills

    • Time Deposit

      - View, place, uplift, and renew time deposits

    • Autopay and collection

      - Set up auto-pay or initiate collection instructions
      - Enter information online or upload files

    • Liquidity Management

      - Create instructions for fund transfers according to set conditions
      - Enable fund transfers to any pre-designated accounts held with BEA and other banks in Hong Kong, China, or overseas

    • Rate Enquiry

      - Find the latest deposit rates, foreign exchange rates, interbank rates, and lending rates

  3. MPF and Payroll

    • MPF

      - Arrange mandatory and voluntary contributions
      - Check employer/employee contribution records
      - Check fund price
      - Obtain forms
      - Obtain product/fund Information
      - Upload MPF files generated by the MPF, Autopay & Payroll System (“MAS”) or Industry Scheme Software (“ISS”)

    • Payroll

      - Make payroll instructions by entering them directly or uploading files

  4. Trade and Facility Services

  5. Investments

    • Investments

      - Retake a risk assessment questionnaire and review your company's risk tolerance level
      - Subscribe to, switch, and redeem funds
      - Trade stocks
      - Place linked deposit orders
      - View your company's investment account portfolio and trading information.
      - Search for market information

  6. Statement and Advice

  7. Merchant Services

    • Merchant Services

      Download details of business transactions and use our collection services

  8. Profile Maintenance

    • User profile

      - Setup and maintain user profiles
      - Assign service and account access to individual users

    • Account Profile

      - Reduce daily transaction limit
      - Enquire available services, authorization matrix and company information

    • System Audit

      - Monitor user activities in Corporate Cyberbanking

  9. Other Banking Services

  10. Mobile Banking

    • Mobile Banking

      - View your company’s finances anytime, anywhere, including your account balances and activity
      - Make fund transfers to local BEA accounts or pre-registered accounts
      - Once you’ve activated the i-Token service, you can approve Corporate Cyberbanking transactions directly through Mobile Banking. For details, please click here

  11. Services Charges and Hours

  12. Daily Transaction Limits