The Bank of East Asia

About BEA

Enhancing Our Environmental Performance

We at BEA are committed to integrating environmentally sound practices into our business and operations. Through building management, energy saving measures, and waste management, we constantly seek to innovate and improve our environmental performance. 

Continuous improvement in building management

We want to provide our customers, community, and staff with a healthy and clean environment. Our direct impact on the environment stems mainly from the buildings where we conduct business: our Head Office Building, BEA Tower, and our branches. Our environmental initiatives focus on reducing this impact.

Our chief environmental impacts are through the energy and paper we consume, and the waste that we generate. We embed sound environmental practices throughout our business and operations to address each of these areas, recycling our waste and minimising our consumption in a manner that enhances efficiency, while reducing our environmental impact.

Implementing a range of energy saving measures

We at BEA, place a high priority on energy efficiency. We regularly monitor energy consumption at our Head Office Building, BEA Tower, and throughout our branch network. We have implemented a variety of energy saving initiatives, including the introduction of more efficient equipment. In addition, our building service engineers constantly review our facilities to ensure that we continue to improve our energy efficiency.

Reducing and recycling waste

We endeavour to continuously reduce the amount of waste we generate. To this end, we have set up recycling facilities in our offices to encourage waste separation.

Raising awareness of environmental issues

We aim to promote environmentally responsible behaviour among our employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We build our employees’ awareness and knowledge of environmental issues through internal communication, training, and participation in external events and volunteering activities. We encourage our customers to save paper by switching to e-statements, and using our digital branches and services. We also participate in WWF’s “Earth Hour” each year, turning of all non-essential lighting and neon signs in our two major office buildings and selected branches for one hour, to take a symbolic stand on climate change.

In April 2016, BEA became a signatory of the Charter on External Lighting, launched by Hong Kong’s Environment Bureau. Through this commitment, BEA will be minimising light pollution and energy wastage, while also contributing to the Environment Bureau’s Energy Saving for All campaign, to reduce energy intensity by 40%, by 2025.