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Useful Information for Hearing- Impaired Customers



I’m a hearing-impaired customer and have lost my credit card/had it swallowed by an ATM. What can I do next?


Please report your card as lost, either by visiting a BEA branch or through the BEA App.

Visit any BEA branch, and our staff will be happy to report the card as lost and arrange for a new one to be issued. If you are concerned that communication may be too difficult, please see Q2 below.

You can also report your card as lost and arrange for a replacement directly through the BEA App. Please click here to see how.


Can I authorise a third party to report a lost card and get a new one issued for me?


Yes, you can arrange for a third party, such as a relative or friend, to call our 24-hour Credit Card Customer Services Hotline on 3608 6628 and order the card cancellation and reissuance on your behalf. Please note that when the new card is issued, you are required, as the cardholder, to collect it in person by visiting a designated branch and presenting the original card collection letter and your Hong Kong Identity Card/passport.


Once I have collected my new credit card, how can I activate it?


You can activate the new card straightforwardly through the BEA App. Please click here to view the steps of credit card activation through the BEA App.


If I found any unauthorised / duplicate / incorrect transactions by my credit card, what can I do?


You can download the Dispute Form here to report the case and request a chargeback from the merchant. Based on the rules set out by credit card association (such as Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay or JCB), if the request is accepted by the acquirer, the acquirer will reimburse the card issuer which will in turn refund the transaction amount to your account.


If I want to cancel the card, what can I do?


You can visit any BEA branch and complete the form for cancellation.


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