BEA App – Remittance

You can remit to any BEA China, BEA UK and other China & Overseas bank anytime, anywhere.


  1. Log in to the BEA App
    Go to “Transfers & Payments” > “Remittance
  2. Select beneficiary and bank
    Select “New beneficiary” or any saved beneficiary
  3. Enter the beneficiary details1
    Enter the “SWIFT BIC” or use “Search Bank” to easily find the beneficiary bank
    Select “Add to my payee” and “Next” to continue
  4. Select withdrawal account
  5. Enter the amount2 and continue
    Select “Next” to proceed
  6. Verify the transaction details
    Tick the terms and acknowledgement
    Select “Confirm” and use i-Token to authenticate the transaction
  7. Your remittance is submitted

1. To ensure timely and accurate delivery, applicant should ensure all beneficiary and account details are accurate to avoid unnecessary delay.
2. The minimum transaction amount when transferring funds overseas is HK$1,000, JPY10,000, or 100 in any other available currency.